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Digital & Media 02-12-2014

Enabling Smart City Services through Open Data and Mobile Applications

What will change to live in a "smart city”?
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Digital & Media 10-11-2014

Human Smart Cities and MyNeighbourhood

Human smart cities require a great involvement of their citizens if they are to be truly inclusive, innovative and sustainable. This calls for a new approach and vision embodied in what is being increasingly called: Human Smart Cities.
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Digital & Media 11-07-2014

European Smart Cities projects, local innovation boosters?

Today, Open Government Data is often difficult to access and use by the developer community, let alone the average citizen. In Issy-les-Moulineaux [www.issy.com] and in Paris in the framework of the “Futur-en-Seine Festival”, European Smart Cities projects have come together for 3 days of intensive debates and exchange of good practices to develop new e-Services for citizens at local level across Europe.
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Digital & Media 24-01-2014

Designing citizen’s apps in Ghent, Belgium

Today cities across Europe are under increasing pressure from the economic crisis. Although their services have a huge impact on citizens daily lives, they need to deliver more with less. Today almost everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket. They provide citizens on the move with access to data and services from anywhere. If cities start using these technologies, it could spark a revolution in public services.