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EU presence reduced to concrete dungeon at Dubai Expo

The European Union's permanent physical presence at the quinquennial beauty contest of nations and world powers is limited to an office tucked away from the public at the end of a hidden hallway, EURACTIV discovered while visiting the Dubai Expo in the United Arab Emirates.

French warship to spearhead European mission in Gulf from next year

A European operation to ensure safe shipping in the Gulf region, scene of attacks on merchant vessels this year, will get underway next month when a French warship starts patrolling there, a French armed forces spokeswoman said on Thursday (19 December).
Energy 08-11-2016

LUKoil vice president: EU taxes are killing the refinery business

LUKoil would be delighted to sell the EU gas, but it cannot, as Gazprom has a monopoly on Russia's gas exports. However, the gas LUKoil discovered on the Romanian shelf will directly supply the EU, Leonid Fedun told EURACTIV.com.
Development Policy 23-09-2015

Müller: Gulf states ‘have to contribute as well’

German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller, has called upon Persian Gulf states to do more to tackle the refugee crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Emirates Airbus A380
Competition 17-03-2015

Commission to review competition from Gulf-based airlines

Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said she will seek a new mandate from EU countries to reopen talks with Persian Gulf states over 'unfair' subsidies to airlines following a request from France and Germany last Friday (13 March).