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Media 01-04-2022

French senators push to strengthen media independence

The French Senate has put forward proposals to strengthen the independence of the French media, which are held by a limited number of large groups and governed by rules that have become "obsolete" with digital technology and the strong competition from American platforms.
Internet governance 08-03-2022

French regulator calls on court to block five pornographic websites

The French audiovisual regulator has filed a suit demanding the blocking of five pornographic websites, which have been on notice since mid-December for failing to ensure that their content is not accessible to minors. EURACTIV France reports.
Disinformation 01-03-2022

Brussels looks to ban RT, Sputnik from EU over Ukraine disinformation concerns

The European Commission is seeking the "best legal way" to ban pro-Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik to stop their "toxic and harmful disinformation in Europe" following Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's pledge to ban them on Sunday (27 February).
Technology 26-10-2021

French government creates new online antipiracy body

The new law "on the regulation and protection of access to cultural works in the digital age" was published in the French official journal on Tuesday (26 October) and will set up a new authority to better fight piracy online.
copyright 27-07-2021

Facebook teams up with French anti-piracy association on copyright

Facebook has teamed up with French anti-piracy association ALPA up to protect content on its platforms from copyright infringement, the tech giant announced on Monday (26 July). EURACTIV France reports.