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Energy 06-11-2017

Rosatom talks up wind, solar power in quest for ‘diversified portfolio’

Nuclear power remains the cornerstone of Rosatom’s expansion strategy, notably in emerging countries. But the Russian state-owned energy conglomerate is now also talking up renewables, citing wind, solar and batteries as part of a diversified low-carbon energy portfolio.
Health 22-01-2016

Nuclear safety now a ‘worrying’ issue

Indebted companies, an overwhelmed safety authority and a complex and muddled caseload show the French have not cracked the recipe for atomic success. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.
Development Policy 06-02-2014

France backs Niger in talks with Areva over uranium mining

The French development minister, Pascal Canfin, has called Niamey’s requests “legitimate” in the dispute between Niger and the French industrial giant, EURACTIV.fr reports.
Development Policy 07-01-2014

Niger and France reach impasse on uranium talks

Negotiations between Niger and the French nuclear energy conglomerate Areva have hardened as the two sides seek to reach an agreement on uranium extraction in the Western African country. EURACTIV.fr reports.