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Agrifood 02-05-2018

EU unable to contain explosion in unsustainable biodiesel imports

Imports of Argentine soy biodiesel, which are among the most unsustainable of biofuels, have exploded in recent months because the EU lost a trade case at the WTO, writes Kristina Wittkopp.
Global Europe 01-12-2016

A turning point for EU relations with Latin America

Europe must strengthen its ties with Latin America to promote democracy, social progress and equality in the age of globalisation, write Ramón Jáuregui and Carlos Zorrinho.
Global Europe 17-08-2016

Will the UN glass ceiling be shattered this time?

While the contest to select the next UN Secretary-General may not be on a par with the slugging match for the White House, it is beginning to heat up - with some decidedly undiplomatic tactics evident in the campaign to replace Ban Ki-moon, writes Dick Roche.

Investment in Montenegro: A poisoned chalice?

If Montenegro is to continue along the path to EU accession, more reform effort is needed from its government, writes Andrey Petrushinin.
Euro & Finance 12-09-2014

Vulture funds could hold crisis-hit EU nations to ransom

The UN General Assembly’s landmark resolution to create a legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring will change how future debt crisis are managed. Although European Union countries are vulnerable to vulture funds, which recently held Argentina to ransom, some EU nations voted against, writes Bodo Ellmers.
Trade & Society 23-04-2013

Repsol expropriation: So who is eating Argentina’s lunch now?

The expropriation of Spanish oil major Repsol from Argentina, announced a year ago, has been a complete failure, argues Fredrik Erixon.
Euro & Finance 08-07-2011

A Tale of Two Defaults

Greece's economic crisis resembles in many ways Argentina's in the early 2000s. However, should the Greeks follow the Argentine model they will be far less likely to repay their official debt, argues Daniel Gros.