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France and Germany ink compromise on arms export rules

After struggling to find a common line on arms exports, Paris and Berlin reached  a compromise on Wednesday (16 October) during a bilateral ministerial meeting in the French city of Toulouse.

Loiseau: Without arms exports, there won’t be a European defence industry

A newly created Commission department dedicated to the defence and space industries has given new momentum to the EU's defence union project. Nathalie Loiseau, head of the European Parliament’s defence committee, answered questions about where the sector is heading.

France continues to flourish on EU arms sales market

An increasing number of EU member states is buying weapons 'made in France'. After its exports were high in 2018, France is even expected to top those numbers in 2019. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.

European arms exports on the rise

France, Germany and Spain are among the world’s leading arms exporters. EURACTIV’s partner Euroefe reports.
Politics 21-02-2017

International arms trade shoots up to highest level since end of Cold War

Global arms deals have reached their highest level since the end of the Cold War, according to one study. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 20-09-2016

Juncker postpones controversial export control bill on surveillance technology

Jean-Claude Juncker intervened today (20 September) to postpone a controversial trade bill that would have made it more difficult for EU countries to export surveillance software, marking the second time this month that the Commission chief pulled the brakes on a high-profile technology file.

Germany’s refugee policy: ‘Borders on cynicism’

Arms exports to Saudi Arabia, the return of refugees to Afghanistan and the deal with Turkey: Germany's peace institutes have come out firing against many of Germany's more controversial policies. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Security 14-01-2016

MEPs call for European arms embargo

Following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, two French MEPs have called for tighter restrictions on weapons in the EU. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 18-09-2015

Why Russia accepted the Mistral agreement

The head of French defence and security has revealed why Russia accepted an agreement on the non-delivery of two Mistral warships that appeared to let France come out on top. La Tribune reports.
Development Policy 14-09-2015

Nations using child soldiers are invited to British arms fair

Britain is continuing to defy the UN by selling arms to countries where child soldiers are routinely used or where youngsters are targeted in war zones.

NGO: German firms mired in worst Greek corruption scandals since WWII

Siemens, Daimler, and Rheinmetall have been mired in cases of alleged corruption in Greece, the country that Berlin has repeatedly admonished for the parlous state of its economy.
MEPs will vote Thursday on reforming export rules for surveillance technologies
Digital & Media 08-07-2015

Parliament votes on surveillance tech exports after fresh Hacking Team leaks

Leaked documents posted to Italian cybersecurity company Hacking Team's Twitter account on Sunday (5 July) revealed what appear to be the firms' government clients.
Global Europe 15-04-2015

Merkel, Modi aim for free trade agreement between EU and India

In Berlin, Germany and India expressed their intention to work together more closely on economic and political matters, while emphasising closer cooperation on military sales. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. [The Council of European Union]
Global Europe 22-08-2014

Germany debates role of Bundestag in approving arms shipments to Iraq

The German government has announced its intention to send weapons to northern Iraq to support the offensive against radical Islamist forces, but the move has sparked debate over the Bundestag's participation in such decisions. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Elections 19-05-2014

Social Democrats pledge to curb German arms exports

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has vowed a much more cautious approach to licensing arms exports, unnerving the sizeable defence industry and signalling a change in policy from the previous coalition government under which sales rose.
Global Europe 30-11-2009

Lifting arms embargo can break EU-China stalemate, says expert

Although the EU will enter today's (30 November) EU-China summit with a revamped outlook provided by the Lisbon Treaty, no major turning point should be expected from the meeting unless Europe commits itself to lifting its arms embargo against China, argues Stanley Crossick, founding chairman of the European Policy Centre (EPC), in an interview with EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 04-10-2005

EU pledges to end trade in small arms

The project for an international Treaty on Arms Trade, which aims to outlaw the trade in small arms such as rifles, pistols, machine guns and grenades, has won official EU support.
Security 23-03-2005

EU heading for climbdown on China arms embargo

EU momentum to lift the China arms embargo is evaporating in the face of US pressure and the recent Chinese anti-secession law.
Security 21-03-2005

Rice warns EU off lifting China arms ban

The possibility of an EU-US trade war moved closer on 20 March when Condoleeza Rice told the EU to drop plans to relax its arms embargo on China.
Security 11-03-2005

Brief – French defence minister seeks to calm US nerves over China arms embargo

Strict arms controls will be maintained even after the EU lifts the China embargo, says France's defence minister in a bid to calm US concerns during a Washington visit.  
Security 08-03-2005

Brief – Pressure grows on EU as Chinese law threatens use of force against Taiwan

China has put forward a draft law allowing the use of military force if Taiwan ventures down the road of independence. This raises the stakes given the EU's planned lifting of the arms embargo.
Security 04-02-2005

US pressures EU not to lift China arms embargo

EU plans to lift the arms embargo against China have sparked fierce criticism from the US House of Representatives. France, UK, Germany and Italy back a lifting of the embargo.
Security 12-10-2004

EU lifts arms embargo on Libya

EU foreign ministers have agreed to lift the 1986 arms embargo imposed on Libya following Italian pressure.
Central Europe 22-11-2000

EU lifts arms embargo against Croatia

The EU has lifted the arms embargo against Croatia in a move that has generated little comment.