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Industrial Strategy 05-01-2022

France opens access to quantum computing to researchers, start-ups

The French government launched a new programme to link quantum machines and supercomputers on Tuesday (4 January). The resources will be made available to researchers and companies to ensure France is up to speed with the technological revolutions to come.
Global Europe 08-12-2021

India armed forces head among 13 dead in helicopter crash

The head of India's armed forces, General Bipin Rawat, was among 13 people killed on Wednesday (8 December) when the military helicopter they were travelling in crashed, the air force said.

French MPs: Diplomacy, military slow to address climate change as driver of armed conflict

Diplomats and armed forces have been slow to address the security consequences of climate change, a French parliament fact-finding mission concluded on Wednesday (27 January). EURACTIV France reports.
Coronavirus 20-03-2020

Spain to close all hotels, help nursing homes as coronavirus deaths climb

The Spanish government on Thursday (19 March) ordered the closure of all the country’s hotels and promised to implement special measures in nursing homes after a surge in the country’s coronavirus cases and deaths.
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Global Europe 30-07-2013

Ousted Egyptian president Morsi is ‘well’, says EU’s Ashton

EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton told reporters on Tuesday in Cairo that deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is 'well' but she does not know where he is being held. In her second visit to Egypt in 12 days, Ashton flew to an undisclosed location to meet the ousted president, where they had a 2 hour conversation. Ashton, however, refused to give details of the discussions. 'He is well, we had a frank and open discussion for the two hours I saw him. And I saw where he was, I don't know where he is but I saw the facility he has'.
Med & South 19-06-2002

Russian, US and European connections: Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge

Russian, US and European connections: Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge The Georgian government fails to exercise effective control over parts of its territory. In the last decade, Georgian statehood has been threatened by a civil war and secessionist conflicts. Its government has...