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Elections 30-01-2017

Hamon’s victory confirms ‘Corbynisation’ of French left

The clear victor in France’s Socialist primary, Benoît Hamon represents the left fringe of his divided party. Fearing a decline into eternal opposition and irrelevance, some Socialist MPs will instead back Emmanuel Macron. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 23-01-2017

Hamon emerges as surprise contender for French leftwing presidential runoff

Leftwing outsider Benoît Hamon will fight former prime minister Manuel Valls for the French Socialist presidential nomination next Sunday (29 January) after winning the first round of the party's primary.
Elections 04-01-2017

Top French paper drops polls after forecast failures

A leading French newspaper said Tuesday (3 January) it had decided to stop publishing political polls, which have been widely criticised for failing to predict the biggest shocks of the last year.
Elections 09-12-2016

Vincent Peillon: the ‘Third man’ in the French elections

Vincent Peillon, an MEP and France's former education minister, will declare his candidacy for the 2017 presidential election this weekend. The surge of new candidates on the left is showing no sign of drying up. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 02-12-2016

Hollande will not stand for re-election, acknowledges unpopularity

President François Hollande shocked France yesterday (1 December) by announcing he would not seek a second term next year, acknowledging his deep unpopularity and making way for another leftist candidate to take on conservative François Fillon and far-right leader Marine Le Pen.
Elections 29-11-2016

What you need to know about the French left primary

The right has chosen François Fillon, now it is up to the left to choose its candidate for the 2017 presidential election. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Euro & Finance 12-09-2016

As elections near, French politicians renew assaults on EU budget rules

Nobody yet knows the winner of France's presidential election next year, but the smart money is on one loser: the 3% cap on government deficits enshrined in eurozone rules.
Brexit 02-09-2016

Van Rompuy: Brexit will take ‘years and years’

No need to panic, the UK was on its way out of the EU years ago. This was the view shared by Herman Van Rompuy and the EU foreign affairs ministers who met in Paris on Thursday (1 September). EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 27-06-2016

Brexit contagion reaches French presidential campaign

After Brexit, the movement for referendums on EU membership has picked up momentum in other countries. It is even becoming a central theme of France's 2017 presidential campaigns. EURACTIV France reports.

France responds to the ‘shock’ of Brexit

The United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union will take effect from 2019. For the French, Brexit came as a surprise: a sad one for some, a happy one for others. For some French Europhiles, it is even a breath of fresh air. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 24-08-2015

Varoufakis: Greek deal was a coup d’état

Ignoring the will of the people by pursuing unpopular austerity policies plays into the hands of Europe's extreme right, say Yanis Varoufakis and Arnaud Montebourg. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 09-06-2015

France’s Socialists say ‘non’, ‘no’, ‘nein’! to TTIP

Disunity on European issues within France's governing party on European issues was once again laid bare at the party congress in Poitiers last week. Opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the rare points of consensus among the Socialist Party. EURACTIV France reports
[President of the European Council/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 09-10-2014

‘Dialogue of the deaf’ threatens Europe

Arnaud Montebourg criticised the fragility of the French-German relationship at a forum on the future of Europe, describing it as a grave cause for concern, along with the rise of nationalist politics. EURACTIV France reports.
Emmanuel Macron. Photo: French government
Elections 27-08-2014

Hollande replaces critic of austerity with Rothschild banker

President François Hollande replaced his maverick leftist economy minister with a former Rothschild partner yesterday (26 August), in a reshuffle intended to reconcile his efforts to revive the stagnant French economy with deficit-cutting orthodoxy.
Elections 25-08-2014

New French cabinet expected tomorrow

French President François Hollande asked his prime minister today (25 August) to form a new government, looking to impose his will on the cabinet after rebel leftist ministers called for an economic policy U-turn. A new cabinet is expected to be announced tomorrow.

Montebourg urges alternative to German austerity

The time has come for France to resist Germany's "obsession" with austerity and promote alternative policies across the eurozone that support household consumption, firebrand French Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg said on Sunday.
Regional Policy 25-07-2014

France launches EU’s first digital infrastructure ‘project bond’

A plan to provide superfast broadband to French rural areas will receive EU funding in the form of 'project bonds', EURACTIV France reports.
Manuel Valls
Euro & Finance 17-04-2014

France will keep its promises, says Manuel Valls

The new prime minister reaffirmed France’s commitment to reducing its national deficit, and ending the government’s unclear stance on EU affairs. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 09-04-2014

Manuel Valls not concerned about Europe

The new French Prime Minister won a vote of confidence in the country’s national assembly following a speech that barely mentioned Europe. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 08-04-2014

New French cabinet tests German waters

France's new Socialist government delivered mixed messages yesterday (7 April) to Germany, its closest partner and the European Union's pivotal power, on its priorities for reducing the budget deficit and stepping up economic reforms to boost growth.
EU Priorities 2020 04-04-2014

New French cabinet shelves European affairs

The appointment of Arnaud Montebourg, and disputes over public debt, will complicate relations with Brussels. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 25-02-2014

French mining sector to become public again

The French minister for industry, Arnaud Montebourg, has announced the creation of a national company of mines aimed at securing the supply of raw materials and exporting French know-how abroad, EURACTIV France reports.
Competition 27-01-2014

‘War is declared’ between Montebourg and Almunia

The tone between the French industry minister, Arnaud Montebourg, and the EU's competition commissioner, Joaquín Almunia, is becoming increasingly heated, as the pair exchanged inflammatory letters last week, EURACTIV.fr reports.
Competition 24-10-2013

EU’s competition rules ‘stupid and counter-productive’, Montebourg says

EXCLUSIVE / Arnaud Montebourg, the firebrand French Industry Minister, launched a scathing attack on the EU's "stupid" competition and state aid rules, claiming they are "counter-productive" because they prevent the creation of Europe-wide industrial champions. In an interview with EURACTIV.fr, he also spoke in favour of a weaker euro to support exports and restart industry.