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Europe's East 24-02-2014

EU Ashton in Kiev as new government accuses ousted Yanukovich of mass murder

The Ukrainian authorities announced on Monday that ousted president Viktor Yanukovich is wanted on an arrest warrant for mass murder, after Ukrainian police snipers shot anti-government protesters earlier last week. The Commission has so far declined to comment on the arrest warrant, as EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton is in Kiev for discussions with party leaders about financial aid to Ukraine. The warrant was issued after Russian-backed Yanukovich fled Kiev by helicopter on Friday, in a failed attempt to reach Russia.

Brussels pushes to enforce EU ‘Miranda Rights’

Police officers in all EU countries might be required to present a standard letter of rights to criminal suspects in their custody before they are interrogated, resembling the so-called 'Miranda Warning' used in the US, according to a European Commission paper obtained by EURACTIV.
Security 23-09-2005

EU arrest warrant – falling apart?

In another blow to the European arrest warrant, Spain’s national court has announced that it will no longer use the fast-track procedure when dealing with Germany.
Security 19-07-2005

European arrest warrant ruled unconstitutional in Germany

The highest German court has annulled a law of July 2004 which implemented the EU arrest warrant in Germany. 
Security 23-05-2005

Mutual recognition needs mutual trust, says Frattini

EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini has presented a plan to strengthen the mutual recognition of member state judicial decisions.
Security 19-04-2005

EU arrest warrant challenged in German court

The German constitutional court in Karlsruhe is considering a case which may decide that the European arrest warrant breaches the German national constitution.

Anti-terrorism Policy

With the suicide bombing attacks on London in July 2005, anti-terrorism has become the absolute top priority for the UK Presidency (June-December 2005) and for Europe. The EU anti-terrorism policy, in place since the 2001 US attacks and extended after the 2004 bombings in Madrid, is being stepped up and will be updated on an ongoing basis.