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Brussels pushes to enforce EU ‘Miranda Rights’

Police officers in all EU countries might be required to present a standard letter of rights to criminal suspects in their custody before they are interrogated, resembling the so-called 'Miranda Warning' used in the US, according to a European Commission paper obtained by EURACTIV.
Security 23-09-2005

EU arrest warrant – falling apart?

In another blow to the European arrest warrant, Spain’s national court has announced that it will no longer use the fast-track procedure when dealing with Germany.
Security 19-07-2005

European arrest warrant ruled unconstitutional in Germany

The highest German court has annulled a law of July 2004 which implemented the EU arrest warrant in Germany. 
Security 23-05-2005

Mutual recognition needs mutual trust, says Frattini

EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini has presented a plan to strengthen the mutual recognition of member state judicial decisions.
Security 19-04-2005

EU arrest warrant challenged in German court

The German constitutional court in Karlsruhe is considering a case which may decide that the European arrest warrant breaches the German national constitution.