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Elections 13-03-2017

Catalonia independence leader banned from public office

The former head of Spain's Catalonia region was barred from public office for two years earlier today (13 March) for staging an informal referendum on independence in 2014 at a time when secessionist leaders are trying to drum up support for a fresh ballot.
Future EU 16-12-2016

Catalan parliament speaker goes on trial for part in independence push

The speaker of the Catalan parliament denied in court today (16 December) she had committed a crime by letting the assembly vote on whether to pursue independence, and said no court could stop the separatist movement.

Future EU 18-10-2016

Catalan leader insists EU will recognise independent Catalonia

President of the Catalan Generalitat Carles Puigdemont told a Paris conference that the EU would recognise an independent Catalonia, citing the example of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia, as well as Scotland and its dissatisfaction with Brexit. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 11-01-2016

Catalan independence back on track as new leader sworn in

Catalonia's parliament swore in a new separatist leader yesterday evening (10 January), putting the pro-independence movement's commitment to break with Spain over the next 18 months back on track after a long political deadlock.
Elections 04-01-2016

Failed Catalan government makes another Spanish election more likely

Catalan far-left party CUP said yesterday (3 January) it would not support acting regional head Artur Mas in his bid for another term, forcing new local elections, and increasing the likelihood Spain may have to return to the ballot box.
EU Priorities 2020 11-11-2015

Catalan parliament takes first steps towards independence

The Catalan parliament has this week adopted a resolution calling for the process of "disconnection" from Spain to be launched. But disunity in the separatist camp could derail the process. Our partner La Tribune reports.
Elections 28-09-2015

Catalonia elections: Separatists on collision course with Madrid

The political situation in Catalonia will be extremely tense in the weeks ahead, following Sunday's victory (27 September) by separatists Junt pel Sì. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 28-09-2015

Catalan separatists win majority in parliament, set course to independence

Separatists on Sunday (27 September) won a clear majority of seats in Catalonia's parliament, in an election that sets the region on a collision course with Spain's central government over independence.
Elections 22-09-2015

Scottish minister: Catalonia should talk to Spain

On the eve of the regional elections in Catalonia (27 September), nationalist leader Artur Mas has found little sympathy abroad in his quest for secession.
Elections 14-09-2015

Catalan independence: Fears mount amongst separatist critics

As the run up to the Catalan elections gets under way, Spain and Europe are starting to consider what impact independence for Catalonia would have. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Catalonia faces wall of Spanish indifference, regional government says

A Catalan election this month, which the pro-independence movement has billed as a proxy on independence, is due to indifference to Catalan demands shown by Madrid, the head of the regional government said on Wednesday (2 September).
Elections 22-07-2015

Catalan separatists send shudders through Madrid

After the new Catalan separatist bloc warned it would declare independence if it wins the 27 September regional elections, Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy said he'll do everything he can to stop it. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Med & South 19-01-2015

Catalonia takes election gamble to keep independence drive alive

Catalonian leaders are hoping that a regional election in September will keep alive a fading independence drive and force the hand of Spain's central government - but the move could also backfire.
Elections 27-11-2014

Catalonia calls regional election step towards independence

Catalonia's two main parties yesterday (26 November) moved a step closer to calling a snap regional election they want to use as a proxy for a referendum on independence from Spain.
Elections 10-11-2014

Massive turnout strengthens Catalonia’s pro-independence camp

Millions of Catalans voted yesterday (9 November) in a symbolic referendum on independence from Spain that supporters hope will propel the issue further despite opposition from Madrid.
Elections 15-10-2014

Spain’s Rajoy says “chapter of dialogue” is opened with Catalonia

Spain's Prime Minister said on Wednesday ( 15 October) that a new "chapter of dialogue" was being opened with Catalonia, after the northeastern region dropped plans to hold a referendum on independence next month.
Elections 14-10-2014

Catalonia to seek alternative to referendum

The leader of Spain's Catalonia region will call off a referendum on independence from Spain planned for 9 November, and look for alternative ways to consult Catalans, a key regional political party said yesterday (13 October).
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Economy & Jobs 10-10-2014

Catalan official: “We cannot treat Catalonia like a third country”

“There is no provision in the EU treaties to describe a process like the one is happening in Catalonia”, says secretary for Foreign and EU Affairs of the Government of Catalonia Roger Albinyana.
Elections 22-09-2014

Catalonia leader wants referendum ‘in the next days’

The president of Spain's Catalonia region said yesterday (21 September) he would formally call "in the next days" for a vote on independence from Spain which has been scheduled for 9 November.
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Brexit 19-09-2014

EU says Scotland’s NO vote good for “united and stronger” Europe

In a poll that attracted over 84% turnout, Scotland voted on Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom by around 55% to 45%.
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Global Europe 18-09-2014

Europe awaits Scotland’s independence vote

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" Over 4 million Scots are set to go the polls on Thursday to answer this question and decide whether or not they want to stay part of the United Kingdom.
Elections 05-05-2014

Catalonian independence creates EU election issue

Catalonia’s President is pushing for an independence referendum to be held in November. In spite of the official EU position that this is an internal matter for Spain, leading candidates for the European elections have made comments signalling divisions. EURACTIV Spain reports.
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Global Europe 15-04-2014

EU insists that an independent Catalonia would leave the EU

The European Commission insisted on Tuesday that Catalonia would have to leave the EU if it becomes independent from Spain. The comments came after a group of advisers to the Catalan government published a report saying that an independent Catalonia would be able to stay in the EU.
Languages & Culture 09-04-2014

Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia referendum

Catalonia President Artur Mas said yesterday (8 April) he would forge ahead with his region's plans to hold a referendum on independence in November after Spain's parliament overwhelmingly rejected the petition.