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Competition 23-02-2010

Brussels seen delaying Ireland’s ‘bad bank’ scheme

Ireland's plans to establish a new agency to buy up bad loans from Irish banks are in limbo while the EU considers whether the scheme breaks state aid rules.
The City of London
Euro & Finance 06-01-2010

Bankers’ bonus tax hits first hurdle

Franco-British plans to introduce a one-off supertax on bankers' bonuses hit a snag when the asset management sector won exemption from a draft UK law after threatening to leave the country. A related European law could face similar difficulties.
Euro & Finance 12-11-2009

EU to bar alternative funds outside bloc

The Swedish EU Presidency is preparing to limit the activity of European alternative investment funds to within European borders, a document from the EU's rotating presidency revealed yesterday (11 November).
Euro & Finance 28-08-2008

Euro assets tumble worldwide

Euro-labelled assets decreased sharply in the first quarter of 2008, confirming the gloomy economic sentiment towards financial markets, triggered by the credit crisis and its increasing impact in Europe.
Euro & Finance 11-07-2008

Report highlights Luxembourg, Ireland as funds paradise

A comprehensive report outlining the European funding landscape, published yesterday (10 July) by the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA), confirms the disproportionately large share of European funds hosted by tiny Luxembourg and Ireland in comparison with the size of their national markets for investment funds.
Euro & Finance 02-08-2006

Commission mulls future of investment in EU

The Commission is wrestling with investment funds – how to promote them, while leaving flexibility for market developments, while protecting investors. Particularly controversial are 'hedge funds', which some regard as the future of investment profitability and some as dangerously unstable. Three recent reports have highlighted the issues.
Euro & Finance 14-10-2005

Collective investment fund regulation (UCITS Directive)

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy presented a green paper on investment funds on 14 July 2005. The document did not propose a legislative overhaul of the management of investment funds but did see scope for improvement. On 16 November 2006 the Commission issued a white paper on enhancing the single market framework for investment funds.
Euro & Finance 20-07-2005

We don’t want more EU financial services regulation, say experts

An array of experts in financial services, discussing future policy 2005-2010, have found a broad consensus: no more regulation except to correct taxation anomalies.