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Economy & Jobs 28-08-2015

Putting up barriers will not solve the migrant crisis

Abolishing free movement within the Schengen area would exacerbate the migration crisis and leave us more exposed to terrorist threats, argues Assya Kavrakova.
Trade & Society 13-04-2015

Reforming the ECI is vital for European democracy

Three years after the entry into force of the ECI (European Citizens’ Initiative) regulation it seems “easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle” than to register an ECI, writes Assya Kavrakova. 
Enlargement 24-07-2009

The Unfinished Business of the Fifth Enlargement Countries

"Five years (or two and a half, in the case of Bulgaria and Romania) following accession, EU membership for the ten central and eastern European states […] has not marked the end of the process of transition of those countries," writes Assya Kavrakova in a recent report for the European Policies Initiative (EuPI).