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Health 17-11-2017

A cough never killed anyone? Chronic lung diseases rank as second largest killer

The idea of a cough being fatal brings up images of coal mining, hollow-cheeked children and Charles Dickens novels. But are we really past the time when a simple cough could kill you?
Health 02-05-2017

Asthma patients urge EU member states to stop ignoring air quality rules

Organisations representing asthma patients have called on the EU governments to stick to their air quality commitments to protect citizens' health and public budgets.
Climate change 01-03-2017

Study: British people underestimate air pollution levels

People across the UK are underestimating the impact of the air pollution crisis in their local areas, according to a new survey. EURACTIV’s partner The Guardian reports.
Sports 06-05-2008

EU researchers to study asthma at Olympics

A pan-European study will examine the prevalence of asthma among European athletes set to take part in the Beijing Olympics and assess the impact of the local environment and air quality on the disease.
Health 27-04-2007

Young children more vulnerable to air pollution, study shows

A study of more than 4,000 Dutch infants has concluded that young children who live close to busy roads are more at risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Buzek backs more R&D on allergic diseases in FP7

Parliament's rapporteur for FP7 wants more focus on allergic diseases. Allergies have negative effects on quality of life and lead to weaker school performance and lower productivity at work.
Health 07-10-2004

EU ministers agree to ban chemicals in toys

The Competitiveness Council has unanimously voted in favour of a ban on certain chemicals used in toys for young children. Industry representatives have already stated they were considering legal action.
Climate change 27-10-2003

Health & Environment: Council wants inclusion of quantifiable objectives

On 27 October, Environment Ministers will adopt conclusions on the European strategy for health and environment. The strategy is designed to tackle the problem of illnesses linked to environmental factors.
Climate change 10-07-2003

First stakeholders’ meeting on European health and environment strategy

On 11 July, the Commission will host a first stakeholders' meeting to discuss the European health and environment strategy.
Climate change 11-06-2003

Commission wants to protect children from environmental pollution

Worried about the increasing health effects of environmental pollution, the Commission adopted a Communication outlining a European strategy for Environment and Health on 11 June.