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Europe's East 23-03-2022

Europe’s solidarity with Ukrainian refugees must transform our asylum policy

The extraordinary demonstration of European solidarity with Ukrainian refugees has laid the ground for an unprecedented chance to overhaul longstanding gaps in Europe’s ability to respond to refugee arrivals, argues Harlem Désir.
Development Policy 25-06-2021

Assist developing countries to find solutions to migratory causes

Debate on the external dimensions of migration and asylum, including effective ways to address the root causes, should not be taboo in the EU, the world’s largest donor of development aid, writes Tomas Tobé.
Global Europe 28-11-2018

Angela Merkel’s legacy in the Middle East

German Chancellor Merkel's momentous 2015 decision to accept asylum-seekers from the region fell flat: the Chancellor did not rise to the occasion and chart a new course for both Europe and the Middle East, writes Faisal Al Yafai

Why are we not reforming the Dublin Regulation yet?

In view of the long-blocked negotiations about the reform of the EU's Dublin asylum system, Luigi Achilli argues that it is not migration but the lack of a common European response that is putting the EU's future at risk.

What to do with rejected asylum seekers?

As the EU considers tougher rules for returning asylum seekers who had their application rejected, more people might be placed in detention and the possibility of voluntary return could be limited, writes Anna Lundberg.
Future EU 17-09-2018

Juncker’s dismal speech

At a time when Europe needs something to inspire the 2018 State of the Union speech disappointed, writes Dick Roche.
Future EU 25-06-2018

The end of EU migration policy

The recent EU mini-summit on migration held on 24 June has reaffirmed more openly than ever before, the fundamental dissensions and schism among member states, if not among EU institutions themselves, in the field of migration and asylum policy. A two-speed EU migration policy would be the best solution to keep EU unity, writes Solon Ardittis.

EESC wants resettlement to be uncoupled from partnership agreements

The European Economic and Social Committee sees it as its duty to remind EU member states and the international community of their responsibility towards people in need of international protection, writes Christian Moos.
Global Europe 21-03-2016

The refugee crisis: A European call for action

European leaders need to implement common European solutions to the refugee crisis. Only joint solutions can credibly and effectively reduce the growing human suffering and social and political turmoil, write a group of think-tank and foundation leaders.

The refugee crisis in Brussels is deteriorating rapidly

Citizens engaged in helping hundreds of refugees arriving in Brussels are overwhelmed. The Belgian government should take greater responsibility for the humanitarian crisis, write Elke Zander and Anja Werner. 

The refugee crisis: Four steps to be taken

Sharing the burden of the refugee crisis is not just about relocating refugees, says Ivailo Kalfin, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria.
Languages & Culture 18-09-2015

An appeal from Central Europe on the refugee crisis

Unlike the former colonial powers, Central European states have little experience of co-existing with people of different cultures. But in refusing to help, they undermine the solidarity that other nations have shown towards them, write politicians, artists and intellectuals from Central Europe.
Development Policy 07-09-2015

Treat the root causes of the asylum crisis, not the symptoms!

Current migration debates are defying the core values residing at the very foundations of the EU. In his State of the Union address, President Juncker should issue a compelling call for a common policy tackling the root causes of the asylum crisis, write Sergio Carrera and Karel Lannoo.
Josefa Foundation

Freedom of movement under European conditions

Freedom of movement is one of the main achievements of the EU. So why doesn't it apply to refugees living in Europe? A mutual recognition of countries' asylum decisions is urgently needed, Gilbert Granjon writes.

EU’s capital Brussels is no stranger to refugee horrors

On a chilly morning last week, Alda Sousa and Gabi Zimmer, the head of the GUE/NGL leftist political group in the European Parliament, visited the Afghan refugee camped outside the Béguinage church in the Sainte-Catherine district of Brussels. Sousa wrote down her experience for EURACTIV.