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#Media4EU 02-10-2018

MEPs vote for more European TV on our screens

MEPs at the European Parliament backed plans on Tuesday (2 October) to ensure that at least 30 per cent of content provided by online media platforms such as Amazon and Netflix is European.
Digital & Media 27-04-2018

Broadcasters face new levies to fund European films and TV

Broadcasters could be forced to pay into national funds to support European film and TV productions in any EU country, even if they’re based in a different member state, negotiators on an audiovisual media bill have agreed.
Cybersecurity 08-03-2018

Gabriel to meet with media regulators over gender stereotypes in TV & film

EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel announced that she will meet with national audiovisual regulators from around the bloc to discuss possible ways to combat negative stereotypes about women in television and film.
Digital & Media 26-04-2017

MEPs raise Netflix quota to 30% and sharpen rules on violent online posts

Netflix and other video-on-demand platforms could be required to include a minimum 30% of European content—more than the Commission's proposed 20% quota, if new broadcasting rules follow a report approved yesterday (25 April) by MEPs in the Culture Committee.
Digital & Media 21-06-2016

Lead MEPs question Commission’s Netflix quota

The two German MEPs in charge of a controversial new bill that would require Netflix to carry 20% European content in its catalogue are sceptical about the European Commission's plans for the quota.
Digital & Media 10-06-2016

Lobbyists swamp MEPs over ‘Netflix bill’

MEPs handling the controversial bill that could impose a 20% quota of European works on Netflix will meet up to 40 lobbyists at once over three meetings, after being swamped with requests.
Digital & Media 27-05-2016

Member states agree to let subscribers use Netflix when they travel in the EU

EU countries struck a deal on a draft bill that would allow residents to use digital subscriptions like Netflix when they travel to other member states.
Digital & Media 25-05-2016

EU plans to free up online shopping, set Netflix quotas

The EU is set to unveil proposals Wednesday (25 May) to make firms lift international barriers for Internet shoppers, and to force Netflix and Amazon to accept quotas for European movies and TV shows.
Digital & Media 18-05-2016

European Commission wants Netflix to carry at least 20% European content

The European Commission will propose quotas on online video streaming services that require them to offer at least 20% European content.
Digital & Media 13-05-2016

Consumers back Commission on protecting digital subscriptions abroad

Consumer organisations are fighting with specific member states, including France, Italy, Spain and Greece, to limit access to subscriber content, such as films and music, when travelling abroad.
Digital & Media 15-04-2016

Ansip fires back against member states’ push to limit digital content portability

European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip rejected some member states' proposal to limit the number of days of that digital content like Netflix can be accessed when Europeans are traveling in other EU countries.
EU Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger, Vice President Andrus Ansip and Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova
Digital & Media 09-12-2015

Commission wants consumers to access digital content when they travel

The European Commission proposed a new regulation today (9 December) to allow residents of the EU to access legal digital content when they're traveling outside the country they live in.
Digital & Media 20-05-2015

Oettinger urges Council to move fast on audiovisual reform

Back from his two-day trip to the Cannes film festival, Digital Economy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said on Tuesday (19 May) that talks on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) need to pick up the pace.
Languages & Culture 31-07-2014

French fear ‘cultural dumping’ from Netflix’s EU expansion

Netflix, the US-based Internet streaming TV network, is set to expand its services to an additional six European countries in the autumn. But France fears that its European affiliate, based in the Netherlands, will damage its home-grown audiovisual industry. EURACTIV France reports.
Languages & Culture 18-07-2011

EU licence fee would maintain quality TV, says Euronews boss

A European licence fee could help broadcasters to maintain a quality and independent news service, says Euronews boss Philippe Cayla in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Languages & Culture 24-09-2010

Home-grown programmes dominate Europe’s TV screens

Two thirds of the TV programmes viewed in Europe are of European origin, according to a report published by the European Commission on Friday (24 September), in line with EU rules on promoting home-grown content. 
Transport 25-10-2007

Media slam compulsory CO2 advertising for cars

A Parliament proposal to encourage cuts in CO2 emissions from new vehicles by introducing "tobacco-style" environmental warnings in car advertisements has caused outrage among Europe's media corporations, who say such measures could cause serious harm to their business.
Languages & Culture 09-05-2007

MEPs agree to more frequent TV ads

The Parliament’s culture committee, on 8 May, gave its backing to a compromise text, reached with the German Presidency, that would allow more commercial breaks and US-style product placement in television and other audiovisual broadcasts.
Digital & Media 13-12-2006

Television Without Frontiers / Audiovisual Without Frontiers

The EU institutions have found agreement on amendments to the Television without Frontiers (TWF) Directive, the central piece of EU TV regulation. They propose to apply certain provisions of the Directive to some internet-based services and to partially lift regulations on advertising and product placement.
Languages & Culture 13-11-2006

Presidency clashes with consumers on ad rules

Television advertising rules that the Finnish Presidency proposed to the Culture Council are much more lenient than first proposed, bringing accusations from consumer advocates that the Council is trying to circumvent the Parliament.
Languages & Culture 17-01-2006

Media giant about to back European ‘Google killer’

Bertelsmann's announcement that the German media company is close to signing up as a partner behind the European search engine project Quaero has kindled discussion on Quaero's role in the emerging 'search engine wars'.
Digital & Media 14-12-2005

Commission recommends authorising TV product placement

The Commission proposes applying the provisions of the Television without Frontiers (TVWF) Directive to certain internet-based services. At the same time, regulations on advertising and product placement will be partially lifted.
Languages & Culture 25-10-2005

UNESCO cultural diversity convention adopted

The protection of cultural products such as books and films is at the heart of the convention.

EP report on audiovisual policy in enlargement context

The European Parliament's report on "Audiovisual Policy: applicant countries and the community acquis" states that the audiovisual sector of the applicant countries has experienced deep upheavals since the end of the 80s, preventing them from adapting their legislation rapidly to the European acquis.