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Economy & Jobs 15-06-2017

Greece did its part; now it’s the Eurogroup’s turn

Greece has made huge sacrifices and the government has made significant reforms. Now the ball is in the Eurogroup's court to provide the necessary certainty to both people and the markets via a debt deal, writes Roberto Gualtieri.
Euro & Finance 16-11-2016

‘Stupid’ austerity has played into the hands of populism

Europe’s refusal to do away with austerity policies contributed to a huge external deficit across the Atlantic, while the EU remained in the black. That doesn’t mean we won though, warn Ernest Maragall and Jordi Angusto.
Mose Apelblat
Euro & Finance 09-02-2015

Tax evasion and anti-Semitism in Greece

The left-wing Syriza party and the right-wing or even ultra-nationalist Independent Greeks party make strange bedfellows, writes Mose Apelblat.

Europe must listen to its people

?Imposing reforms that are sometimes considered humiliating is the best way to jeopardise the construction of Europe, and plant the seeds of social devastation, populism and extremism, writes Elio Di Rupo. 
EU Elections 2014 01-09-2014

New EU trio is now complete, what next?

New EU leaders Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini face hard times, and deserve our support, writes Fraser Cameron.
Michael Heise, Chief Economist at Allianz SE [Project Syndicate]
EU Priorities 2020 28-08-2014

A European lost decade?

Europe's economic woes resemble Japan’s situation in the 1990s, which led to a 'lost decade' of economic stagnation and deflation from which the country is still working to recover. Michael Heise asks whether Europe will suffer a similar fate.
Elections 26-04-2013

Enrico Letta’s burden

A gigantic task awaits Italy's newly-appointed premier, Enrico Letta, and we may hope the young leader proves strong enough to sustain the country's emergence from political deadlock, since there is no alternative, writes Silvia Francescon.

Europeans with disabilities are terrified

The austerity measures taken in response to the European sovereign debt crisis have had a devastating impact on people with disabilities, leading to allowance cuts and a rise of unemployment rates that could generate greater economic and social exclusion, says John Evans from the European Disability Forum.
Euro & Finance 24-08-2011

The Eurozone Odyssey: A battle between austerity and stimulus

As the Greek debt crisis continues to unfold, the euro zone appears to be divided between the pursuit of continued stimulus that endangers state balance sheets and austerity measures that put a putative recovery in further doubt, writes Alexander Mirtchev, president of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI).
Euro & Finance 26-11-2010

The crooked path of financial reform

It would be premature to write off the financial reforms undertaken as failures, writes Jean Pisani-Ferry, director of Bruegel, an international economics think-tank.