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Europeans divided over austerity, want alternatives

As the European Commission is about to present proposals to strengthen the "social dimension of the economic and monetary union", a new poll shows that up to 60% of Europeans believe there are better ways of solving the economic crisis than austerity.
Elections 02-09-2011

Italy’s austerity plan ‘weak and inadequate’

Despite the Italian finance minister's reassurances that a crackdown on tax evasion will provide enough revenue to replace the levy on high earners dropped from Rome's austerity package, employers' group Confindustria has labelled the government's plan "weak and inadequate" and expressed concern about how Italy's economic problems are being handled.
Euro & Finance 29-06-2011

EU warns Greece rejecting austerity may lead to default

The European Union warned Greek lawmakers yesterday (28 June) that their country faced immediate default unless they approve a hated austerity plan, as strikers began new mass protests against the EU/IMF-imposed measures.