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Energy 27-06-2022

Germany and five other EU countries commit to solidarity as blackouts loom

Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on risk preparedness and solidarity in the electricity sector as the danger of blackouts becomes more realistic in light of the dwindling energy supplies coming from Russia.
Energy 20-06-2022

Austria reverts 2020 coal power phaseout following Gazprom gas cuts

Austria will receive less gas for the fourth day in a row, Russia’s Gazprom announced on Sunday, which has prompted a return to coal power, which the country phased out in 2020, following an emergency government meeting.
Agrifood 14-06-2022

Commission defends pesticide reduction law against pushback from EU countries

Food safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides stood by the EU executive's plans to revise the EU's pesticide framework but stopped short of committing to a date to publish its proposal after 10 member states wrote a letter expressing “serious doubts".

Austria to ban gas boilers in new buildings as of 2023

Austria is revamping its renewable heating law in order to reduce the country's immense dependence on Russia: pulling forward a sales phase-out of fossil gas boilers, and requiring broken oil and coal heaters to be replaced with green options.
Europe's East 06-06-2022

Austrian Chancellor calls for intermediate EU membership for Ukraine

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer called on Sunday (5 June) for an intermediate stage between cooperation and full membership of the European Union for countries like Ukraine and Moldova. The so-called “preparatory space” would allow countries to reach the standards of...
Europe's East 04-06-2022

Third-party security guarantor could help unblock Ukraine’s grain exports

A number of European countries have stepped up efforts to reopen maritime corridors for the transport of Ukrainian grain, possibly with the help of a third-party security guarantor, but it remains unclear if Russia would agree to any deal.
Energy 03-06-2022

Austria’s new hydrogen strategy slams use in heating, transport

The Austrian government has now joined the club of countries that have presented a hydrogen strategy. Vienna will aim for significant electrolysis capacity, replacing fossil hydrogen by 2030 and stringent usage prioritisation.
Global Europe 11-04-2022

Ukraine says 1,200 bodies found near Kyiv as east braces for Donbas onslaught

Ukraine said Sunday it had found more than 1,200 bodies in the Kyiv region, the scene of atrocities allegedly committed by Russian troops, as residents in the country's east braced -- or fled -- ahead of an expected massive offensive.
Data protection 22-02-2022

Google Analytics’ competitors foretaste business boost following privacy debacles

Alternatives to Google Analytics could stand to benefit if the rest of the EU decides - like the Austrian and French data protection authorities already have - that the tool can no longer be used because it does not comply with EU privacy standards.
Energy 08-02-2022

Germany considering lawsuit against EU taxonomy

Germany’s vice-chancellor Robert Habeck said on Monday (7 January) that Berlin would examine a contentious proposal by the European Commission to include nuclear power and fossil gas in the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy before considering a potential lawsuit.

Austria to give out annual €200 ‘climate bonus’

Austrian parliament has passed a climate levy on fossil fuels as a part of the much-praised eco-social tax reform. Passed on Thursday (20 January), the reform will see the levy paid back to taxpayers in the form of a climate bonus.
Coronavirus 21-01-2022

Austrian parliament passes compulsory vaccination law

The Austrian parliament voted on Thursday evening (20 January) in favour of making vaccinations mandatory by February. The government also announced a lottery-based “incentive and reward package” to boost the acceptance of the new law.
Energy 19-01-2022

Austria gears up to fight EU ‘green’ nuclear energy plan

As the EU moves to label energy from nuclear power and natural gas as "green" investments, Austria is gearing up to fight this, including with a legal complaint.
Politics 18-01-2022

Austria raises alarm about ‘dramatic’ femicide plague

Painted in blood red on an improvised memorial in Vienna, the number 31 is a stark reminder of a grim toll: the women killed by men in Austria last year. After several particularly horrific cases among the killings were widely...
Politics 31-12-2021

Austria’s ex-chancellor Kurz to work for venture capital firm

Former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who quit in the face of corruption allegations, will work for Thiel Capital starting next year, Austrian media outlets reported on Thursday (30 December).
Agrifood 21-12-2021

France and Austria ask Brussels to develop EU plant-based protein strategy

French and Austrian agriculture ministers signed a joint declaration to strengthen the production of plant-based proteins such as soybeans, legumes, and oilseeds in the EU and increase "the EU's self-sufficiency". EURACTIV France reports.
Politics 07-12-2021

Kurz’s resignation paves way for return to traditional conservative politics in Austria

The inauguration of Karl Nehammer as Austria's new chancellor on Monday (6 December) marked the end of the era of Sebastian Kurz and set the course for a return to the traditional political structures of the conservative Austrian People's Party (ÖVP).
Non-discrimination 06-12-2021

More than 40,000 march in Vienna against coronavirus lockdown

More than 40,000 people marched through Vienna on Saturday (4 December) to protest against a lockdown and plans to make vaccinations compulsory to curb the coronavirus pandemic.
Politics 03-12-2021

Immigration hardliner Nehammer to take over as new Austrian leader

Austria's ruling conservatives picked on Friday (3 December) the current interior minister, an immigration hardliner, to lead them and the nation after a wave of resignations by senior officials set off by their fallen star Sebastian Kurz.
Politics 02-12-2021

Austria’s Kurz quits politics, stirring political turmoil

Former chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced his departure from the political stage on Thursday (2 December) by resigning from all his political posts. His resignation will lead to a cabinet reshuffle, and potentially, a new chancellor.
Health 23-11-2021

‘Jabbed, cured or dead’, Germany warns as Europe battles COVID surge

Germans faced the stark warning Monday (22 November) that they would be either "vaccinated, cured or dead" from Covid by the end of winter, while Austria returned to a partial lockdown as Europe battles a fourth wave of the pandemic.

Austria ready to sue EU over nuclear’s inclusion in green finance taxonomy

Austria’s energy and climate minister Leonore Gewessler told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview that her country was ready to go to court if the EU decides to include nuclear power into the bloc's taxonomy on sustainable finance.
Coronavirus 15-11-2021

Austria introduces lockdown for the unvaccinated

Austrians who have not had a COVID-19 vaccine, around 25% of the population, will be placed into a fully-fledged lockdown from Monday (15 November). But according to experts, additional measures will soon be needed to combat the rise in infection rates.

Five EU countries form anti-nuclear alliance at COP26

In face of a French-led push to revive nuclear power in Europe, a group of five EU countries led by Germany have banded together to urge the European Commission to keep nuclear out of the EU's green finance taxonomy.