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Electric vehicles 28-09-2021

Shift to EVs means huge ‘reskilling’ job for Europe: report

The shift to electric vehicles will force huge changes in the auto industry and require EU backing for 'reskilling' programs to help workers prepare for a zero-emission future, according to a report published on Tuesday (28 September).
Transport 19-07-2021

The rise of electric vehicles could deliver green jobs – but we need a plan

As electromobility grows, it’s triggering enormous change to the automotive sector, writes Judith Kirton-Darling. Handled right, this transition could bring Europe an unrivalled opportunity for competitive advantage and provide a future for the 14 million workers in Europe who depend directly or indirectly on the automotive industry, she argues.
Energy 02-02-2018

Diesel to petrol shift poses ‘serious challenge’ to CO2 reduction

Falling demand for diesel-powered cars is having a “brutal” impact on carmakers while the EU’s CO2 reduction policy is jeopardising a fragile recovery in sales, the president of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) told reporters on Wednesday (31 January).
Electric vehicles 01-02-2018

EU car lobby chief: Why we support a 20% CO2 target for 2030

There is “no way” carmakers can hit the EU’s proposed CO2 emission targets with fuel combustion engines, argues Erik Jonnaert, saying “at least half” of the reduction will have to come from electric and hybrid vehicles.
Air Quality 31-01-2018

VW suspends chief lobbyist over emission tests on monkeys

Germany's scandal-hit auto giant Volkswagen on Tuesday (30 January) suspended its chief lobbyist Thomas Steg as outrage mounted over monkey and human experiments to study the effects of diesel exhaust fumes.
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Transport 30-01-2018

Tech neutrality: A golden guiding principle for the car industry

Technology neutrality supports European leadership in the automotive sector and it is important that it continues to be the guiding principle for EU legislation, writes Sigrid de Vries.
Transport 12-09-2012

Czech MEP denies tabling traffic noise proposal ‘written by Porsche’

The lawmaker in charge of steering legislation on traffic noise through the European Parliament has insisted that he wrote it, despite evidence that a draft version of the bill was authored by an official from Porsche AG, the German car manufacturer.
Transport 08-06-2012

EU gears up CO2 car targets for 2025, 2030

Brussels is poised to set two new carbon emissions targets that all new cars will need to meet by 2025 and 2030, as well as a standard of 95 grams of CO2 emissions per km (g/km) for 2020, according to a draft regulation seen by EURACTIV.
Transport 27-03-2012

Amber light for ‘monster truck’ traffic across borders

The European Commission has backtracked on earlier plans to allow modular vehicles - also known as 'mega' or 'monster' trucks - to be allowed to cross national borders.
Transport 22-08-2011

Japanese hybrids top German ‘green car’ list

Four Toyota and Lexus hybrid petrol-electric vehicles were awarded top slots in the 2011/2012 edition of Verkehrsclub Deutschland's (Traffic Club of Germany; VCD) Environmental Car List, published on 18 August.
Transport 23-04-2009

Parliament backs strict labelling for tyres

EU lawmakers have insisted that tyre manufacturers such as Michelin and Continental must display details of tyres' fuel performance, as well as their wet grip and noise levels, as of November 2012.
Transport 26-03-2009

Parliament promotes ‘green jobs’ for car sector

If the automotive industry is to recover from the recession, governments must refrain from protectionism and look to measures to promote green technologies and create jobs, the European Parliament said yesterday (25 March).
Competition 01-03-2009

French U-turn on car rescue plan

France announced yesterday (28 February) that its draft bail-out plan for the automobile industry will not contravene EU internal market rules, relieving tension ahead of today's EU summit in Brussels, at which fears of rising protectionism were expected to dominate the agenda.
Transport 26-08-2008

Study: Carmakers still way off EU climate targets

Car manufacturers only reduced their CO2 emissions by 1.7% over the past year – a far cry from the average 17% cut they will have to achieve within the next four years to comply with planned European legislation, according to data published today by Transport & Environment, a green NGO.
Competition 24-07-2008

EU clears Porsche’s Volkswagen takeover

The announcement by the Commission on Wednesday evening (23 July) came as a blow to German trade unions and to the Land of Lower Saxony but it could give the luxury carmaker a helping hand in meeting the stringent new emissions targets planned by the EU.
Transport 05-06-2008

EU mulls deeper CO2 cuts for cars by 2020

European environment ministers could today (5 June) agree to set deeper and longer-term CO2 targets for new cars. But green groups fear the move could be used as an excuse to put off stronger short-term action.
Transport 03-03-2008

Cars and CO2

With automobile manufacturers expected to miss their voluntary commitments made last year to reduce CO2 emissions, the European Commission has proposed new binding legislation. Amid pressure from the car industry, which currently finds itself weighed down by economic recession, a compromise deal on the new laws was struck in December 2008.
Transport 04-02-2008

Automotive forum showcases alternative measures to cut CO2

If cars are to meet EU CO2 reduction targets while remaining affordable for consumers, European legislators must start considering areas other than engine technology, such as fuel-efficient tyres, alternative fuels or eco-driving, said representatives of the automotive sector and fuel industry at a forum in January.
Transport 06-11-2007

EU to help auto industry adapt to change

The European Commission has announced a new partnership with the automotive industry aimed at better anticipating and coping with recent developments in the sector, including intensified international competition and increasing regulatory pressure to reduce the environmental impacts and security risks related to car use.
Transport 22-10-2007

MEPs set to delay CO2 cuts for cars

The European Parliament looks set to award carmakers an extra three years breathing space to implement heavy cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, to the outrage of Green MEPs, who insist that the whole EU climate strategy will be jeopardised if the automobile industry is let off the hook.
Transport 07-09-2007

Car industry progress on CO2 ‘worst ever’, says NGO study

As carmakers ready to show off their 'greenest' models at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the environmental lobby Transport and Environment revealed new figures revealing the industry's close-to-nil progress made towards cutting carbon dioxide emissions in the past year.
Transport 30-08-2007

Carmakers slammed for weight-based approach to CO2 cuts

Green NGO T&E has urged MEPs to rule out a system, backed by carmakers, where carbon-dioxide emission standards for cars would be based on weight, saying that this would lead to more road deaths and higher emissions overall.
Transport 29-06-2007

EU ministers divided over car-emissions rules

While the EU's 27 environment ministers agree on the need to reduce car emissions in order to tackle climate change, they remain divided on how the burden of these reductions should be spread out among the industry.
Transport 16-05-2007

Carmakers ask for CO2 cap delay

Automobile manufacturers are demanding that Brussels allow them an additional three years to prepare for stringent new carbon-dioxide emission limits due in 2012.