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Climate change 04-10-2019

Air travel growth suggests ‘sustainable’ and ‘development’ are not compatible

Air travel is not the only threat to life on earth, but it is a useful barometer of runaway economic growth and development that, if allowed to continue unmitigated, will irreparably harm the planet, writes Jonathan Gornall.
Aviation 06-06-2018

The UN is failing on all fronts to tackle the climate impact of flying

ICAO's proposed offsetting scheme for aviation emissions, known as CORSIA, will cover a mere 6% of projected CO2 emissions accumulated to 2050, writes Bill Hemmings, saying CORSIA fails the Paris Agreement test miserably.
Aviation 26-02-2018

To help fix EU budget, end aviation’s tax break

The European Commission’s move to make it administratively easier to calculate and charge VAT on passenger transport is welcome and long overdue, writes Bill Hemmings. But instead of abolishing VAT breaks for airline tickets, the EU plan will make a weekend trip treated the same as “necessities” such as foodstuffs, or pharmaceutical products, he warns.
Aviation 29-11-2017

‘We can live with this’: How Airbus was allowed to write its own climate rules

E-mail exchanges between the European Commission and Airbus show how the European aircraft manufacturer was offered privileged access to the EU decision-making process, allowing it to write its own environmental rules, writes Andrew Murphy.
Aviation 11-10-2017

Flying on palm oil: Why ICAO’s ‘green fuel’ plan spells climate disaster

Plans to rapidly scale up the use of biofuels in air transport inevitably mean increasing reliance on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), most of which currently contain palm oil, the worst polluting biofuel, warns Almuth Ernsting.
Aviation 10-10-2017

Europe, a bulwark against turbulence

A less naive, more reactive, Europe must have a vision for the future of the aviation sector, taking into account the interests of all: aircraft manufacturers, airport platforms and airlines, writes Franck Proust.
Aviation 08-08-2017

Why European passengers pay more for their flights than they should

The EU has failed to make airports competitive and fair for travellers. It needs reform, writes Thomas Reynaert.
Aviation 19-04-2017

Ryanair denies climate change because it doesn’t like the solutions

It’s no mystery why Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary dismisses evidence of climate change as ‘rubbish’, writes Andrew Murphy.
The aviation industry wants to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel partly to reduce its impact on the environment. [Photo by Timothy Spence]
Transport 23-09-2016

ICAO’s carbon offset plan for aviation is a threat to Paris Agreement

Forests have long been seen as a potential source of cheap and attractive offsets to compensate for the airline industry’s growing climate impact. However, there is one flaw. They don’t work, even by the ICAO’s own standards, writes Hannah Mowat.
Transport 21-09-2016

How to make Europe’s airports safer

It might sound counterintuitive for an industry – especially in the UK – to call for it to be regulated by the EU. Yet this is what British ground handlers are calling for, writes John Geddes.
Transport 17-02-2014

The truth behind (not so) cheap flights

As the European Commission publishes its new state aid guidelines for airports and airlines on 19 February 2014, Jacek Krawczyk argues that aviation needs to be treated as a business by restoring a level playing field in the sector and stop the race for subsidies.
Transport 14-07-2010

The European volcanic ash crisis: Between international and European law

During the European volcanic ash crisis, actions taken by national authorities led to unprecedented disruptions and severe economic effects for the airline industry. The time seems ripe to unite the EU's airspace, writes Alberto Alemanno, associate professor of EU law at HEC Paris and adjunct professor at Georgetown Law School, in a July commentary for the American Society of International Law (ASIL).
Transport 12-01-2010

Aviation and shipping emissions after Copenhagen

"The outcome of the Copenhagen summit proved extremely disappointing as regards international aviation and shipping emissions," laments Transport & Environment in a January paper.
Transport 22-09-2008

Aviation sector crisis: There will be consolidation, but not a bloodbath

A combination of rising oil prices and weakening demand is "hitting the aviation industry harder than virtually every other sector," according to Eric Heymann of DB Research.
Transport 30-08-2007

Slots trading under Open Skies – the implications for allocating capacity

While the signing of the Open Skies agreement between the EU and the USA has been hailed as a triumph for the consumer, with the prospect of more intensive competition and lower fares in the transatlantic market, the actual impact of the deal may be severely restricted because of limited airport capacity and slot shortages in the EU, according to a study by the independent economics consultancy Oxera.
Transport 18-05-2005

Tax flight – An Investigation into the exemption from taxation of international aviation

This working paper by Daniël Meijers from the International Centre for Integrative Studies (ICIS, Maastricht University) looks at the origins and development of the exemption from various kinds of taxation of international aviation.

Kerosene tax: going it alone would be a mistake

Eric Heymann from Deutsche Bank Research writes that a tax-free fuel for air traffic is a privilege which cannot be accepted from an environmental point of view. But he argues that, for Germany, going it alone at national level would be a mistake with traffic volume moving to neighbouring countries. Other possibilities would be the integration of air traffic in the EU emissions trading scheme. At current prices, he estimates the price surcharge to make a flight climate neutral to be roughly 5-20 euros per ticket.
Transport 09-10-2002

Freight expectations

  Freight transportation companies have moved slowly to keep up with modern business practices. Risk and revenue management could provide the boost the industry needs. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 2 Like it or not, globalization is shaping the modern...