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Aviation 02-06-2021

Protecting European airlines: lessons from the current crisis

EU member states must learn from the global aviation crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. One such lesson is that the focus placed on internal market rules is crippling the competitiveness of our airlines, argues Pedro Nuno Santos.
Aviation 18-08-2020

EU clears €1bn plan to recapitalise virus-hit airline SAS

EU competition regulators on Monday (17 August) cleared a €1 billion plan by Denmark and Sweden to recapitalise virus-hit SAS, saying the measure would prevent the Scandinavian airline's insolvency.
Aviation 27-05-2020

Ryanair challenges Lufthansa’s bailout package

Low-cost carrier Ryanair challenged Germany's €9 billion rescue package for Lufthansa on Tuesday (26 May), saying it distorted competition, while the German carrier moves towards finalising the deal next month.
Transport 03-10-2016

US to press WTO to enforce ruling on Airbus subsidies

The Obama administration said Monday (3 October) that it will press the World Trade Organisation to enforce a panel report that found the European Union guilty of maintaining illegal subsidies to Airbus.
Emirates Airbus A380
Competition 17-03-2015

Commission to review competition from Gulf-based airlines

Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said she will seek a new mandate from EU countries to reopen talks with Persian Gulf states over 'unfair' subsidies to airlines following a request from France and Germany last Friday (13 March).
Regional Policy 16-12-2014

EU millions wasted on white elephant airports, say auditors

Millions of euros of EU money was wasted on too many airports, on airports that are too close together and do not attract enough passengers, the European Court of Auditors has found.
Transport 26-02-2014

Brussels makes concessions on state aid to regional airports

New European Commission rules for state aid to aviation will be more flexible for airports with up to 700,000 passengers per year until 2024, but green campaigners are angry at the EU executive for “backing down”.
Transport 17-02-2014

The truth behind (not so) cheap flights

As the European Commission publishes its new state aid guidelines for airports and airlines on 19 February 2014, Jacek Krawczyk argues that aviation needs to be treated as a business by restoring a level playing field in the sector and stop the race for subsidies.