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Climate change 26-04-2013

Barroso urged to take a stand on EU carbon market fix

EXCLUSIVE / The chair of the European parliament’s environment committee has called on EU Commission president José Manuel Barroso to make a public statement of support for the EU’s bloodied plan to reform the carbon market, in a hard-hitting interview with EURACTIV.
Climate change 16-04-2013

MEPs reject proposed reform of emissions trading scheme

The EU's flagship scheme for cutting carbon emissions suffered one of the most serious setbacks in its chequered history on Tuesday (16 April), when MEPs voted against a proposal to shore up the price of carbon in the Emissions Trading System (ETS).
Trade & Society 10-04-2013

‘Backloading’ vote: Europe’s industrial future hangs in the balance

Despite the current slump in carbon prices, the EU Emissions Trading System is working as intended, and should not be amended further, writes Gordon Moffat. Otherwise, rising carbon costs will boost energy prices and make Europe’s industry less competitive in the face of international competition, he argues.
Climate change 26-02-2013

Carbon market intrigue after European Parliament vote cancelled

A planned European Parliament vote today (26 February) on fast-tracking negotiations with EU states over carbon market reform was inexplicably cancelled as rumours and counter-rumours swirled around Brussels. 
Climate change 19-02-2013

Carbon taxation: An old-new idea whose time may soon come?

In the debate over the future of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), a diverse and increasing vocal array of figures cutting across party lines has spoken out for an old-new way of cutting CO2 emissions: a carbon tax.
Climate change 19-02-2013

MEPs throw lifeline to EU’s ailing carbon market

Lawmakers on the European Parliament’s environment committee voted by 38-25 in favour of an amendment in support of the EU’s ‘backloading’ plans for the Emissions Trading System (ETS), throwing a lifeline to the crisis-hit carbon market.
Climate change 13-02-2013

WWF head: Sustainable energy could save $4 trillion by 2050

Jason Anderson, the head of WWF's EU climate and energy policy, explains why binding targets and a backloading of carbon credits are needed to decarbonise Europe's economy by 2050.
Climate change 17-01-2013

Hedegaard: Carbon plan needs German backing

A European Commission plan to reduce a glut of carbon emissions allowances, which are trading close to record lows, can pass provided it gets German support, EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said.