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Health 23-04-2021

Commission: Antimicrobial resistance among biggest global health threats

The European Commission backs the stance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the importance of approaching the issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in a multilateral, global way.
Agrifood 20-01-2020

Could bacteria help recycle greenhouse gases in the future?

Could bacteria assist in the recycling of greenhouse gases in the future instead of releasing them into the atmosphere? European researchers are working to reverse the metabolism of intestinal bacteria that feed on CO2 so that they form products that can be used at an industrial level. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 18-11-2016

EU health chief: Commission is stepping up antimicrobial resistance fight

The European Commission will increase pressure on the member states to better coordinate their national action plans to tackle antimicrobial resistance, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Agrifood 11-01-2016

Antibiotic resistance looms as serious threat to health

Intestinal bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics have been detected in animals, humans and food in Germany. Experts fear future health problems if steps are not immediately taken. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 17-12-2015

Food safety agency says foodborne diseases on the rise in the EU

The EU is experiencing more cases of listeriosis, salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis, which are diseases transmitted directly or indirectly from animals, according to a new report published today (17 December).
Agrifood 30-03-2015

Italy resists massive destruction of olive trees

EU member states are divided on how to stop the spread of a disease affecting olive trees in Italy that could result in around a million being cut down, officials said Friday (27 March).
Brexit 13-03-2013

EU body may provide ‘solution’ to antibiotics resistance threat, says UK medical chief

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Professor Dame Sally Davies, has pointed to the danger of bacteria's growing resistance to antibiotics, saying an EU funded medical initiative may be the solution to the problem.
Brexit 24-07-2012

Baltic bacteria outbreak blamed on sea warming

Manmade climate change is the main driver behind the unexpected emergence of a group of bacteria in Northern Europe which can cause gastroenteritis, new research by a group of international experts shows.
Trade & Society 03-06-2011

Deadly E.coli bacteria spurs trade row with Russia

A highly infectious new strain of E.coli bacteria is causing a deadly outbreak of food poisoning in Germany, scientists said yesterday (2 June), with cases in United States also spreading alarm worldwide. Meanwhile, Russia has banned all vegetable imports from Spain and Germany.
Health 01-06-2011

Spain, Netherlands demand compensation over mystery E.coli

Spain demanded compensation on Wednesday (1 June) after German scientists confirmed that Spanish cucumbers did not contain the lethal strain of E.coli which has killed 15 Germans and a Swede and continues to spread apace, baffling scientists.