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Euro & Finance 27-07-2016

EU readies contingency plan for possible Monte Paschi wind down

European Union authorities are making contingency plans for the possible winding down of Banca Monte dei Paschi if the Italian lender has a poor reading in stress tests this week and no private or public support is available, an EU official said.
Euro & Finance 27-07-2016

Italy and Spain test EU’s ‘intelligent’ use of economic rules

The European Commission is expected to fine Spain on Wednesday (26 July), but it will give two extra years to Madrid to adjust its budget - while the commissioners pledge a solution for Italian banks that will protect small investors.
Euro & Finance 05-04-2016

The Cypriot economy: Turning the page

At the time of the 2012-2013 financial crisis, few could have predicted that three years later, Cyprus would be out of the woods, writes Nikos Chistodoulides in an exclusive op-ed for Euractiv.com
Euro & Finance 28-10-2015

Commission leaves door open for Greek bail-in

European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis warned Athens on Tuesday (27 October) of a possible haircut in Greek deposits in the event that the first bailout review was not completed this year. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2013

Eurozone leaders snub Cyprus’ request for new bailout terms

Eurozone officials have no intention of changing the terms of a bailout for Cyprus, rejecting calls by Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades who had asked for adjustments to be made to the rescue plan.
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Euro & Finance 05-03-2013

Eurogroup to agree Cyprus bailout by end of March

Eurozone finance ministers pledged on Monday to agree a bailout for Cyprus by the end of March. The total bailout could be up to €17 billion. The Eurogroup said that while Europe is ready to help the island, details on how the potential rescue will be financed are yet to be worked out.