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  • Eurogroup head: there is little support for Greek debt write-off

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 26-01-2015

    “We continue to work with them if the Greeks commit to what we have agreed,” Euro group head Jeroen Dijsselbloem said on Monday as he arrived in Brussels for a meeting with euro area finance ministers. Dijsselbloem's comments come after anti-bailout leftist party Syriza won elections in Greece on Sunday.

  • Katainen: “I want 300 billion of real investment to support jobs”

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-10-2014

    In a three-hour hearing at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Commissioner-designate for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness Jyrki Katainen called for public/private partnerships, increased lending capacity for the European Investment Bank and other EU lending bodies, more “future investment” by EU nations in areas such as infrastructure and the completion of the single market.

  • Ukraine gets first €100 million in EU aid

    Promoted content | Europe's East 20-05-2014

    The European Commission disbursed a first loan of €100 million to Ukraine on Tuesday. It is the first tranche of a 1.6 billion euro package that the EU pledged last month to help Kiev's struggling economy.

  • EU welcomes Portugal’s bailout exit

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 05-05-2014

    Eurozone finance ministers congratulated Portugal on Monday as Lisbon announced Sunday it would exit its three-year €78-billion bailout this month without a precautionary credit line.

  • EU ministers agree 3-part bailout loan for Greece

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 01-04-2014

    Eurozone finance ministers approved on Tuesday the latest bailout aid for Greece, ending a six-month stand-off between Athens and its international lenders.

  • Eurogroup announces Lithuania’s hopes to join euro, warns Greece to speed up bailout talks

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 28-01-2014

    Lithuania hopes to join the euro in 2015, emulating its Baltic neighbours Latvia and Estonia.
    The announcement came after a meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Brussels on Monday, where the Eurgroup's head Jeroen (Yurun) Dijsselbloem said that Vilnius was 'very determined' to join the currency bloc.
    It is the country's second attempt to join, after an earlier failed bid when it missed a target for inflation.

  • European Commission on a potential bailout for Slovenia

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 12-09-2013

    The European Central Bank is interested in Slovenia applying for aid from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the euro zone's bailout mechanism, according to German business daily Handelsblatt.
    Slovenia has been in recession since last year and is struggling to avoid an economic bailout. On Friday Slovenian officials said they would liquidate two small banks to ensure the financial stability of its banking system.

  • Third bailout for Greece ‘realistic’, says Eurogroup’s chief

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 05-09-2013

    Greece might need additional financial support from the eurozone beyond 2014, when the current rescue loan programmes end.
    Speaking at the European Parliament on Thursday, Eurogroup's president Jeroen Dijsselbloem said it was 'realistic' to expect a third bailout for Athens before it can regain market access.

  • EU’s Rehn does not rule out a third Greek bailout

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 21-08-2013

    As the debate on whether Greece will need a third bailout intensifies, EU economic affairs commissioner Olli Rehn declined on Wednesday to rule out the possibility.
    Speaking to a Finnish newspaper, Rehn also said that other options, such as extending the repayment period on existing loans, are also on the table.
    Rehn's comments come after the German finance minister said on Tuesday that Greece will need a third bailout, only 5 weeks before the biggest EU economy holds elections.

  • Eurozone clears way for €5.8bn in aid for Greece

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-07-2013

    Representatives of eurozone finance ministers signed off on the payment of the next batch of aid for Greece on Friday (26 July) and the money will be disbursed on the approval of member states on Monday, eurozone officials said.

  • Eurozone ministers agree to unlock bailout cash for Greece

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 09-07-2013

    Greece secured a lifeline from the eurozone and the IMF on Monday (8 July) but was told it must keep its promises on cutting public sector jobs and selling state assets to get all the cash.

  • Eurogroup to approve Greece’s next bailout payment

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-07-2013

    Eurozone finance ministers are meeting on Monday in Brussels to discuss the release of the next bailout payment for Greece.
    After several days of discussions with the Greek authorities, international lenders finished on Sunday a final assessment of Greece's progress towards meeting the terms of the international bailout imposed by the Troika.
    In exchange of EU financial aid, the Greek government is expected to lay off 4,000 public sector workers by the end of the year.

  • Finance ministers strike deal to stem bank bailouts

    Promoted content | Banking union 28-06-2013

    European finance ministers agreed on Thursday (26 June) to force investors and wealthy savers to share the costs of future bank failures, moving to put an end to unpopular taxpayer-funded bailouts that prompted outrage during the financial crisis.

  • From reform to growth: a roadmap for Europe – EIF Helsinki 2013

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 14-06-2013

    CES was proud to host the fourth Economic Ideas Forum, which was held in Helsinki during the 6th and 7th of June 2013 under the Patronage of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen. This yearly conference brought together high level economic experts, Ministers of Economy, EU Commissioners, EU Prime Ministers, as well as CEOs of companies from around the world and enterprise representatives.

  • EP Schulz meets Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades

    Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 22-05-2013

    After meeting Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday in Brussels, European Parliament president Martin Schulz said that Europe will continue helping Cyprus through its financial crisis.

  • Eurogroup chief to EP: ‘I am no king…one Dutch king is plenty’

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-05-2013

    Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem faced a grilling in the European Parliament on Tuesday over the recent Cyprus bailout deal.

  • Cyprus vote throws new uncertainty on bailout

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 18-04-2013

    A €10-billion aid deal to save Cyprus from bankruptcy has been thrown into fresh uncertainty with news that the country's fractious parliament will vote on the final package.

  • EU warns Spain, Slovenia over troubled economies

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 11-04-2013

    Brussels has warned Spain and Slovenia to take urgent steps to address their deepening economic problems or face a fine at the end of the month. Under the current rules, the EU can punish countries that do not correct excessive imbalances with a fine of 0.1% of their GDP.
    The warning came after the European Commission unveiled on Wednesday its second review of economic imbalances in 13 EU countries.

  • New Slovenian prime minister denies bailout speculation

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 10-04-2013

    On her first visit to Brussels as Slovenian prime minister, Alenka Bratušek on Tuesday (9 April) sought to downplay reports that the eurozone country would be the next in line to seek a bailout. 

  • EU warns Portugal to stick to fiscal targets after court ruling

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-04-2013

    Brussels has warned Portugal to stick to the bailout austerity measures agreed in 2011 or risk losing further financial hep.
    The warning came following a decision by the Portuguese constitutional court to reject a set of unpopular public spending cuts aimed at reducing the country's deficit.
    In a televised speech on Sunday, Portugal's prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho described the country's economic situation as a 'national emergency' and pled to follow the terms agreed with international lenders.

  • EC on latest developments in Cyprus

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 02-04-2013

    Cyprus clinched a last-ditch deal with international lenders on 25 March to shut down its second largest bank and inflict heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians, in return for a €10-billion bailout.
    Under the deal, Cyprus Popular Bank will be closed and its guaranteed deposits of up to €100,000 transferred to the biggest bank, Bank
    of Cyprus.

  • Cyprus crisis: banks to re-open Thursday, but remain controlled

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-03-2013

    Amid concerns of a possible bank run, Cyprus is requiring banks to stay closed until Thursday. The Cypriot authorities will also limit access to bank accounts and movement of cash out of the island.
    It is the first time capital controls are being applied within the euro area and comes after Cyprus sealed a deal with the EU and the IMF on Monday to avoid bankruptcy and a potential euro exit.

  • Eurogroup’s press conference on Cyprus’ bailout deal

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 25-03-2013

    Cyprus clinched a last-ditch deal with international lenders early today (25 March) to shut down its second largest bank and inflict heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians, in return for a €10-billion bailout.

  • EC on Cyprus’ bailout

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 22-03-2013

    Cyprus is rushing a 'plan B' through Parliament in order to secure an international bailout that would prevent a meltdown of its banking system, while the European Central Bank gave the country until Monday to raise billions.