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Aviation 17-02-2021

Ryanair vows to appeal EU court loss in airline bailouts case

Ryanair lost on Wednesday (17 February) two EU court challenges to massive public bailouts of rival companies such as Air France and SAS designed to help them get through the coronavirus pandemic - an outcome the company immediately said it would appeal.
Economy & Jobs 28-02-2017

EU centre-right sets the tone for the Commission’s EMU paper

EXCLUSIVE / An innovation-driven economy where rules are respected and the labour market is flexible will help Europe ensure its position in a constantly changing world, according to a European People’s Party document seen by EURACTIV.com.
Euro & Finance 23-12-2016

Italian government approves decree to rescue Monte dei Paschi

The Italian government approved a decree early on Friday (23 December) that will open the way for the rescue of Monte dei Paschi di Siena after the world's oldest bank failed to win backing from investors for a vital capital increase.
Euro & Finance 26-01-2016

Auditors accuse Commission of flawed bailout programmes

The European Commission's handling of bailouts for countries hit by the financial crisis was "generally weak" and inconsistent, the European Union's Court of Auditors (ECA) said on Tuesday (26 January).
EU Priorities 2020 06-01-2016

Parliament’s involvement in EU bailout programmes ‘delayed’

Negotiations for the European Parliament’s participation in the evaluation of EU countries under an adjustment programme are “delayed”, but progress is being made, a source close to President Martin Schulz has told EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 27-10-2015

Spanish banks may have to repay billions in ‘abusive’ fixed-rate mortgages

The European Commission welcomed the end of the bailout programme for Spanish banks, but now may be putting the country’s financial stability at risk, as it seeks further action against 'abusive' mortgage clauses, it was reported on Tuesday (27 October).
Euro & Finance 27-02-2015

German parliament approves Greek bailout extension

Germany's parliament approved an extension of Greece's bailout on Friday after Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, who has voiced doubts about whether Athens can be trusted, promised it would not be allowed to "blackmail" its euro zone partners.
Euro & Finance 07-10-2014

MEPs roast Katainen over support for austerity

After championing a €300 billion investment package to boost growth in the EU at his confirmation hearing today (7 October), Jyrki Katainen was attacked by MEPs for Finland’s tough stance on austerity and eurozone bailouts during the financial crisis.
Euro & Finance 12-09-2014

Vulture funds could hold crisis-hit EU nations to ransom

The UN General Assembly’s landmark resolution to create a legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring will change how future debt crisis are managed. Although European Union countries are vulnerable to vulture funds, which recently held Argentina to ransom, some EU nations voted against, writes Bodo Ellmers.
Euro & Finance 13-06-2014

Portugal to do without final bailout payment

Portugal has decided to do without the last payment from its international bailout program after the country's constitutional court rejected a series of austerity measures, the finance minister said on Thursday (12 June).
Euro & Finance 05-05-2014

Debt relief for Greece on table as EU economic growth picks up

New debt relief measures for Greece will be discussed Monday (5 May) by euro area finance ministers, the European Commission confirmed as it presented a spring economic forecast showing gradual growth across the EU.
Euro & Finance 17-01-2014

Socialist MEP: ‘The Troika in its current form must be dismantled’

Recent revelations about the way Greece was handled by the 'Troika' of international lenders - the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission (EC) - has re-ignited the debate on the democratic accountability of the ad hoc institution. There was no clear legal basis when the Troika acted in bailout countries, and they did not even know where they stood, argues Liêm Hoang Ngoc in an interview with the EURACTIV Network.
File d'attente.

Employment situation brightens, but concern about wages remains

The number of people out of a job in the eurozone has fallen for the first time in more than two years, the latest sign the bloc may make a muted recovery from recession later this year.
Elections 30-07-2013

Italian leader chastises EU over handling of Greek crisis

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta rebuked Europe for its handling of the Greek crisis on Monday (29 July), saying the harsh austerity imposed on Athens had deepened the recession and worsened unemployment across the continent.
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Economy & Jobs 14-05-2013

Eurogroup agrees bailout payments for Greece and Cyprus, warns Slovenia

Eurozone finance ministers on Monday signed off on the first 3 billion euros of financial aid for Cyprus. The agreement comes after Nicosia sealed a deal with the EU and IMF in March on a 10 billion euro rescue package to avoid bankruptcy and a potential euro exit.