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Brexit 31-03-2015

House of Lords report finds allegations of EU interference unfounded

The European Union Committee of the House of Lords has accused the government of attempting to “bury” the results of a report on the UK's relationship with the EU after it found no evidence of excessive interference from Brussels.
Brexit 15-01-2014

UK minister to launch ultimatum: Reform or we’ll leave the EU

British Finance Minister George Osborne will warn the European Union today it must reform if it wants Britain to remain a member, and say it faces decline if it resists change, said an official familiar with the contents of his speech.
Brexit 25-07-2013

Australia tells Britain not to forsake the EU

Australia has told Britain it hopes it will remain part of the European Union, becoming the latest country to intervene in an emotive domestic debate that may culminate in a referendum to decide if Britain leaves the 28-nation bloc.
Brexit 23-07-2013

UK report calls for more Europe for single market

Beefed up powers for the European Commission and direct EU regulatory control over single market issues are recommended as key ways of maintaining a strong single market, according to a UK government report published yesterday (22 July).