About: Balance of Competences Review

Michael Emerson
Brexit 02-04-2015

What the British government should conclude from its own researches on the EU

The British government financed a massive study called ‘Balance of Competences Review’ to evaluate the country’s EU membership, but strangely, it abstained from drawing conclusions from this effort, writes Michael Emerson.
Michael Emerson
Brexit 11-06-2014

The UK has no interest in bringing back competences

There is a huge contradiction between Britain's Eurosceptic populism, and the evidence it claims supports repatriating EU powers, writes Michael Emerson.
Brexit 22-10-2013

Trying to keep the Germans close on EU competences is risky for Britain

If Britain is to be successful in winning over Germany on EU reform then it needs to understand the country’s federal system, with its intricate balance of competencies, and how it is crucial for the German thinking on Europe, argues Almut Möller.
Brexit 13-09-2013

UK should use competence review as a constructive exercise

With the first few chapters of the UK's balance of competences review published over the summer, there have already been accusations of bias from eurosceptics who fear that the initiative is tainted. But the work has been carried out thoroughly and if politicians engage constructively with its findings the review will represent a constructive opportunity, writes Michael Emerson.