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  • Recalibrating EU Policy towards the Western Balkans

    Science & Policymaking 24-11-2008

    "The time is now ripe for a new stage in the pre-accession process for the Western Balkans to begin," argues Michael Emerson, research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in an October policy brief.

  • The EU will want more from Serbia than arrests

    Global Europe 29-07-2008

    While the arrest of accused war criminal Radovan Karadzic on 21 July could signal the beginning of Serbia's reconciliation with its role in the Western Balkan wars of the 1990s, Kosovo could still prove a stumbling block for further EU negotiations, argues Tomas Valasek in a 25 July commentary for the Centre for European Reform.

  • Economic Prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe

    Euro & Finance 18-06-2008

    Domestic factors are more likely to inhibit economic growth in the EU's new member states than external ones, argue a group of scholars from the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies in a February 2008 paper.

  • Europe and the Balkans: What’s to be done?

    Enlargement 17-06-2008

    The EU must "show that it can act decisively and effectively" in the Western Balkans as the progress the bloc makes in the region tests its "credibility on the international scene," writes Graham Avery for the European Policy Centre. What's more, he calls on all countries in the region to apply for EU membership "sooner rather than later" and on the bloc "to reaffirm its membership promise" to them.

  • Will the Real Serbia Please Stand Up?

    Global Europe 25-04-2008

    The upcoming parliamentary and local elections in Serbia on 11 May 2008 will be crucial in deciding the country's future path - whether that is closer integration with the EU or recent political flirtations with Russia open up an alternative route, says a 23 April briefing paper from the International Crisis Group (ICG).

  • Is the West still the best for European business?

    Trade & Society 23-11-2007

    While many major European firms have relocated partly or entirely to Eastern Europe, this part of the Union is rapidly losing out in investment terms to Asian countries, writes Bodgan Asaftei for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

  • EU enlargement: Cooperation or competition in the Balkans?

    Central Europe 22-10-2007

    The agreement over the Reform Treaty opens a new window on EU enlargement and raises the issue of whether the Balkan states should face the opportunity individually or collectively, writes Peter Sain ley Berry for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

  • Serbia’s New Government: Turning From Europe

    Central Europe 07-06-2007

    The West should prepare for Serbia to turn increasingly away from Europe and towards Moscow, argues a 31 May report from the International Crisis Group (ICG). The group is convinced that the new government will choose Kosovo over Europe, and that appeasement would weaken rather than strengthen pro-Western forces.

  • Balkan integration: The shrinking Austrian Presidency

    Enlargement 10-03-2006

    Ahead of a summit between the EU and Balkan countries, it’s becoming clear that Austria’s presidency will not spectacularly boost the integration of the region into the EU as many had hoped, say Vedran Dzihic and T.K. Vogel in Transitions Online.

  • Balkan reconciliation: Falling victim to victimhood

    Enlargement 16-01-2006

    Teaching genocide to Bosnian Muslim students, an American professor finds that the overwhelming sense of their own unredeemed victimhood often dominates their responses to the suffering of others. The article, written by Paul B. Miller, appears in Transitions Online.

  • Balkans: Vis-à-vis freedom of movement

    Enlargement 16-12-2005

    Most citizens of Balkan countries still face tough visa requirements if they wish to travel to the EU, writes Risto Karajkov in Transitions Online.

  • Enlargement: Sliding doors

    Enlargement 07-06-2005

    The French and Dutch rejection of the proposed EU Constitution is triggering fears in the Balkans that the region may be left out, says Transitions Online.

  • The Balkans and Brussels: Stabilizing

    Enlargement 04-05-2005

    Reform deals, surrenders of suspected war criminals, and treaty ceremonies move the Balkans closer to the EU, according to Transitions Online.

  • A European Balkans?

    Enlargement 20-01-2005

    This European Security Forum working paper, published by
    the Centre for European Policy
    , looks at the approach of the EU, the US and
    Russia towards fostering stability and development in the Balkans

  • Kosovo won’t wait

    Enlargement 04-11-2004

    article by 
    Daniel Serwer

    from the US Institute of Peace appeared in Issue 59 of
    Centre for European Policy Studies

    Europa South-East Monitor

    series. The author discusses the complexities that surround
    the settlement of Kosovo's final status. The article was
    written for a meeting of the European Security Forum which
    took place on 25 October 2004 at CEPS and focussed on Balkan
    security issues.

  • Albania: Stuck on the Border


    Albania: Stuck on the Border A 7-kilometer-long line of cars was stalled last week at the southern border crossing of Kakavia between Albania and Greece, along the dry valley of the Drinos River. The travelers were surrounded by barren, rocky hills and scorched by …

  • The European Parliament flexes its muscles – in Albania

    Security 01-07-2002

    The European Parliament flexes its muscles - in Albania Nicholas Whyte, Balkans Programme Director, International Crisis Group, June 2002. On June 24 the Albanian parliament elected retired general Alfred Moisiu as the country's new President, ending a period of political uncertainty that …

  • The Macedonian Framework Document and European Standards

    Enlargement 31-08-2001

    The Macedonian Framework Agreement dem-onstrates that the international community has learned important lessons from peace proc-esses, elsewhere in Europe, including Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Ireland. The Framework Document has four basic ideas - cessation of hostilities, decentralisation of government, political re-balancing and …

  • STRATFOR: Macedonia accuses NATO of siding with militants

    Enlargement 31-07-2001

    An analysis of NATO's role in Macedonia, published by STRATFOR Strategic Forecasting, a US intelligence consulting firm, says that "either through intent or mismanagement, NATO has helped prepare the ground for civil war". The analysis says that NATO's recent dealings …