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Health 24-06-2021

Ireland’s green light for medical cannabis and calls to ban AI face recognition

This week our podcast focuses on a milestone move by Ireland: approving medical cannabis prescriptions and giving patients the right to have access to medical cannabis and be reimbursed for it. To hear more on that story, we spoke with EURACTIV’s Agrifood and health reporter, Natasha Foote.

EU climate law negotiations and official ban of bird hunting practice 

This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the EU climate law negotiations - the progress made so far and the obstacles to reaching an agreement.
5G 06-07-2020

Huawei waits it out on possible UK ban

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has said it is remaining patient in light of media reports that the UK government is charting a gradual phase-out of its equipment in 5G network infrastructure, which could lead to a blanket ban.

Banning single-use plastics in France by 2040 is far too late, environmentalists say

The French National Assembly has voted to ban all disposable plastics by... 2040, which would be far too late for many environmental advocates. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 04-12-2019

EU Commission set to vote on ban of controversial organophosate pesticides

The European Commission is set to vote on Friday (6 December) on not renewing the approval of two pesticides, chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl, which the EU's food safety agency says may have serious effects on foetuses and children - a claim industry strongly rejects.
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Climate change 19-03-2012

Spain, France to oppose EU ban on fishing discard

Fisheries ministers on Monday met in Brussels to discuss a make or break EU ban on fish discards. Activists and many member states want European boats to stop throwing back into the sea dead fish that are edible, but less profitable. Strict EU quotas on the amount of fish a boat may land force fisherman to discard less valuable species. But countries such as Spain or France strongly oppose the idea. They have called the proposal "unrealistic" and "too prescriptive". Spain owns the biggest fleet in Europe and receives the highest amount of EU fishing money.
Trade & Society 13-09-2007

EU reinstates British meat ban after foot-and-mouth outbreak

Three weeks after EU-27 veterinary experts agreed to lift a ban on British meat exports, confirmation of a new outbreak of the highly-infectious foot-and-mouth disease in Surrey has led to the introduction of another trade ban.
Med & South 18-12-2006

EU-25 backs Poland in beef row with Russia

Russian efforts to sign bilateral deals with large meat exporters such as Germany and Ireland have met with resistance at the Brussels EU summit.
Climate change 27-10-2006

Commission proposes to ban mercury exports by 2011

Environmental and health NGOs have welcomed a Commission proposal to ban EU exports of mercury but were disappointed that the ban would not include mercury compounds.
Health 26-11-2002

Commission extends ban on phthalates in toys

The EU-wide ban on the sale of toys that contain phthalates has been extended until 20 February 2003 by the Commission.