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Economy & Jobs 24-10-2018

Ecuador to rally banana exporters to fight hard discounter Aldi

Ecuador, the world's largest banana exporter, is urging Latin American producers to fight German hard discounter supermarket chain Aldi's bid to pay one euro less per case in 2019.
Trade & Society 06-02-2017

MEPs boost protection for banana growers as Ecuador joins FTA

The European Parliament last Thursday (2 February) approved measures to protect European banana producers against increasing competition from imports from Ecuador; a result of the country’s accession to the EU’s trade deal with Colombia and Peru. Euractiv Spain reports.
Trade & Society 16-12-2009

Banana deal ends EU’s longest trade dispute

The European Union and United States initialled a deal on Tuesday with Latin American, African and Caribbean nations ending a decades-old trade war over bananas.

SustainAbility: Chiquita’s corporate responsibility reporting is among the world’s best

The report by SustainAbility on corporate accountability, published in November 2002, ranks Chiquita's 2000 Corporate Responsibility Report as Number 1 in the food industry.
Trade & Society 02-08-2001

Just when you thought it was safe to import bananas…

Opposition from several Latin American countries threatens to derail the deal reached last April by the EU and the US over banana imports to Europe. The Financial Times reports that Panama, Honduras, Guatamala and Nicaragua objected to the EU's request on 31 July that WTO rules be waived so that it could implement the new banana import rules agreed with the US. There is now a possibility that the EU will be unable to meet the 1 January 2002 deadline it agreed with the US for the next stage of amendments to the banana regime.
Trade & Society 02-07-2001

US suspends banana sanctions

US suspends sanctions imposed on EU exports after WTO ruled against its banana import regime
Trade & Society 02-05-2001

Deal signals end of banana dispute

EU - Ecuador agreement signals end of final act in banana imports drama
Trade & Society 18-04-2001

Ecuador threatens banana agreement

Ecuador rejects EU-US agreement to end banana dispute and threatens to return case to WTO
Trade & Society 12-04-2001

EU-US banana dispute resolved

Long-running EU-US banana dispute resolved as agreement is reached on new import regime based on tariff system
Trade & Society 12-03-2001

Lamy delays introduction of new banana regime

Trade Commissioner Lamy announces delay in introduction of new banana regime at Washington press conference
Trade & Society 08-03-2001

Banana carousel threatens EU-US trade relations

US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick says US could rotate $191 million banana case sanctions to new EU goods
Trade & Society 26-01-2001

Chiquita sues EU over lost revenues

Chiquita banana firm sues European Commission over loss of revenue from importing bananas into Europe
Trade & Society 20-12-2000

Agriculture Council revises banana regime

Agriculture ministers adopt new regime for banana imports, hoping to end the lengthy trade dispute with the US

Beef and bananas top agenda at EU-US Summit

In the final EU-US Summit of President Clinton's term of office it is again trade issues that top the agenda.
Trade & Society 05-10-2000

Commission adopts new proposal to end banana dispute

The European Commission endorsed a new proposal to resolve the long lasting trade dispute over its banana regime.
Global Europe 11-07-2000

Ministers block Commission’s banana proposal

During the General Affairs Council on 10 July, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland blocked the Commission's new banana strategy.
Global Europe 10-07-2000

Bananas – the neverending story

The EU's controversial banana regime is again on the agenda of EU Foreign ministers. On 5 July, the Commission has proposed a new strategy to end its long-term conflict with the rules of the World Trade Organisation.

Commission to propose new solution for banana dispute

The Commission proposed changes to EU banana imports regime in an attempt to resolve the trade dispute with the US and Latin American countries.