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Central Europe 25-09-2014

Bulgaria feels the heat for failure to respect guaranteed deposits

The European Commission opened an infringement procedure against Bulgaria on Thursday (25 September) following the decision of two failed banks to deny clients access to deposits of up to €100,000, which are guaranteed under EU law.
Euro & Finance 12-12-2013

EU strikes deal on resolution mechanism for failed banks

Negotiators from the European Union’s 28 member states agreed on a Single Resolution Mechanism to save bankrupt banks yesterday evening (11 December), putting together a central piece of the EU’s banking union puzzle which aims at sparing taxpayers from bailing out failed banks in the future.
Euro & Finance 05-12-2013

No bailout required to save Slovenian banks: EU sources

Slovenia is expected to need as much as €5 billion to recapitalise its banks, according to sources familiar with the matter, a figure some officials claim would not require an international bailout.
Euro & Finance 21-05-2013

New EU law to shield small savers in bank rescues

A draft law that a group of European Union lawmakers voted for on Monday (20 May) would shield small depositors from losing their savings in future bank rescues, but customers with more than €100,000 in savings when a bank failed could suffer losses.
Euro & Finance 07-01-2011

EU wants bond holders to share pain of bank failure

The European Union's executive outlined a proposal yesterday (6 January) that could force those who lend to banks to bear big losses should they fail, opening a new line of attack on bondholders who escaped the crisis unscathed.