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Inequality in Europe: Tackling the income and wealth gap

Austerity measures adopted in the past years have widened inequality in terms of income and wealth within and between EU countries.
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Economy & Jobs 15-11-2013

Spain, Ireland to quit EU bailouts

Spain will exit a financial aid programme for its banking sector from January next year, without drawing more European funds. The announcement came after an agreement by eurozone finance ministers in Brussels on Thursday. Earlier this year, Spain borrowed €41 billion from an EU-IMF bailout package to rescue several inderet banks from the collapse of a property and construction bubble.
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Euro & Finance 10-04-2013

New Slovenian prime minister denies bailout speculation

On her first visit to Brussels as Slovenian prime minister, Alenka Bratušek on Tuesday (9 April) sought to downplay reports that the eurozone country would be the next in line to seek a bailout. 
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Economy & Jobs 11-06-2012

Spain joins ‘the Group of Debt’

It is not a bailout, but a nearly condition-free loan. This is the message sent by the Spanish government after euro zone finance ministers agreed on Saturday to lend Madrid up to 100 billion euros for recapitalising its banks. Following weeks of denying the need for financial assistance, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy gave in to international pressure. He requested a rescue package that he portrayed as a triumph, but which caused outrage among Spanish citizens.