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Brexit 28-03-2018

Brexit financial services deal will be difficult

The industry has accepted that so-called “passporting” rights will not be possible after Britain leaves the EU.  The concept of “equivalence” has been mooted as a solution but even agreeing to that will be difficult, writes Mark Boleat.
Euro & Finance 19-08-2010

The bonus risk

New EU rules on bankers' bonuses miss the point, argues Luigi Zingales, professor of entrepreneurship and finance at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and co-author of 'Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists'.
Euro & Finance 28-07-2010

First step towards ‘twin peaks’ model of financial supervision

The EU needs a strong financial supervision system with binding powers and the most appropriate solution would be a 'twin peaks' model – with one authority to supervise the banking and insurance sectors and another for securities and consumer protection, writes French Socialist MEP Pervenche Berés in a July blog post for the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).
Brexit 25-03-2009

The pitfalls of the Payment Services Directive

The EU's Payment Services Directive (PSD) is in danger of "creating a legislative labyrinth," warns Professor Maria Chiara Malaguti in a recent paper for the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI).
Euro & Finance 15-10-2008

How to save the European banking system

A coordinated EU approach is needed to save the "dysfunctional state of the euro area money market," including "recapitalising large banks" and "restarting inter-bank lending," writes Daniel Gros, the director of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), on VoxEU.org.
Euro & Finance 06-10-2008

Mobility of bank customers in the EU: Much ado about little

The EU should concentrate on stimulating the mobility of accounts across borders instead of over-regulating national retail banking markets, argues Stefan Schäfer in a Deutsche Bank Research paper.
Brexit 01-09-2008

The financial crisis: One year on

Gaps remain in the European and global supervisory architecture following unacknowledged "clear shifts" in the structure of financial institutions over the past year, according to Karel Lannoo, the CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Competition 01-02-2007

Chance for more competition in retail banking

Commenting on the Commission’s retail banking inquiry report, Nicola Jentzsch of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) argues that more competition in retail banking will bring benefits, such as better service, lower prices and savings.
Brexit 22-09-2006

Analysis: EU retail banking – Drivers for the emergence of cross-border business

This research paper, published by Deutsche Bank, examines the prospects for the growth of cross-border retail banking in the EU. 
Euro & Finance 15-02-2006

Analysis: What we learn from the differences in Europe

In this article from Deutsche Bank ResearchThomas Meyer looks at the uptake of online banking and how it differs from country to country across Europe.
Euro & Finance 14-10-2005

EU/US finance markets: strengths and weaknesses

Here, EURACTIV publishes two articles which first appeared in La Lettre de Confrontations Europe, the journal of the independent think-tank Confrontations Europe. The articles consider the functioning of the American and the European financial systems and compare their relative strengths and weaknesses. The articles are only available in French.
Digital 15-11-2002

Banking behind the scenes

World-class banks manage their back-office and IT activities as a portfolio of individual operations, each demanding a unique solution. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 4 Technology Banks constantly battle to streamline their back-office “factories,” with good cause these facilities can...
Euro & Finance 03-10-2002

Mobile banking’s banana problem: Too little business in sight

Mobile banking’s banana problem: Too little business in sight The usage of mobile phones has experienced tremendous growth in the recent past. High penetration rates and the slowdown in growth figures indicate that market saturation is close at hand. The...
Enlargement 19-06-2002

Independence of Polish Central Bank Becomes EU Issue

Independence of Polish Central Bank Becomes EU Issue Poland’s government has been calling on the central bank to lower interest rates, and now various parliamentary parties are proposing legislation to limit the bank’s independence. KATOWICE, Poland – Poland’s central bank...
Enlargement 31-08-2001

The banking sector: crucial for convergence and integration

Well-developed financial markets are a prerequisite for EU accession Well-developed and stable financial markets – defined as banks and other financial institutions as well as capital markets – are crucial for convergence and the successful integration of the Central and...