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Aviation 01-10-2019

Slovenia expects bankruptcy of Adria Airways

The bankruptcy of Adria Airways seems the only possible scenario since the Slovenia-based airline has cancelled most of its flights for nearly a week, economy minister Zdravko Pocivalsek said on Monday (30 September).
Economy & Jobs 24-09-2019

Hundreds of thousands stranded after travel firm Thomas Cook collapses

Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers were stranded on Monday by the collapse of the world’s oldest travel firm Thomas Cook, sparking the largest peacetime repatriation effort in British history.
Elections 23-08-2018

Cyprus insurer’s bankruptcy sends shockwaves through Bulgaria

The liquidation of Cyprus’ Olympic Insurance, largely unnoticed on the island, is sending shockwaves through Bulgaria as it has left almost 200,000 policyholders with no coverage, causing a serious political crisis.
Euro & Finance 26-02-2016

A ‘Chapter 11’ Law for Europe’s entrepreneurs

Europe’s conflicting insolvency rules create uncertainty among investors, discourage cross-border investment and delay the restructuring of companies facing financial difficulty, writes Paul McGhee. Ironing out these inconsistencies will give businesses a better chance of bouncing back and deliver growth to the real economy, he argues.
Euro & Finance 25-03-2015

Greece risks bankruptcy by 20 April

Greece risks running out of cash by April 20 unless it secures fresh aid, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters yesterday (24 April), leaving it little time to convince sceptical creditors it is committed to economic reform.
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Euro & Finance 18-04-2013

Cyprus vote throws new uncertainty on bailout

A €10-billion aid deal to save Cyprus from bankruptcy has been thrown into fresh uncertainty with news that the country's fractious parliament will vote on the final package.
Euro & Finance 18-04-2013

Cyprus vote throws new uncertainty on bailout

A €10-billion aid deal to save Cyprus from bankruptcy has been thrown into fresh uncertainty with news that the country's fractious parliament will vote on the final package.
Euro & Finance 28-03-2013

Struggling firms in Italy, Spain mean more woes for the eurozone

Thousands of small companies struggling to repay loans in Italy and Spain signal bigger problems on the horizon for the eurozone after the dust has settled on Cyprus' bank bailout this week.
Elections 15-06-2012

Greeks go to the polls – and prepare for the worst

Greeks go to the polls on Sunday (17 June) in what is considered the most decisive election in the country’s post-authoritarian history. An inconclusive result, or a victory for the anti-bailout political forces, may spur Greece’s exit from the eurozone and could most likely spark a “perfect storm” for the rest of the EU.
Competition 03-02-2012

Hungarian flag carrier goes bankrupt

  Hungarian flag-carrier Malév ceased operating early today (3 February), ending 66 years of almost continuous service, after its planes were held overseas for unpaid debts. Last month the Commission ordered Hungary to recover multi-million state aid to the national carrier.
Economy & Jobs 25-02-2011

How many bankrupt companies get a second chance?

As Europe tries to recover from the recession, one lesson should quickly be learned: current bankruptcy laws in many countries will hamper thousands of entrepreneurs trying to get back on their feet and restart their businesses.
Euro & Finance 19-11-2010

Ireland’s corporate tax in EU-IMF firing line

Ireland insisted yesterday (18 November) that its low rate of corporation tax was "non-negotiable" as it discusses an aid package worth tens of billions of euros from European partners and the IMF for its shattered banks.
Enlargement 15-06-2010

EU to open membership talks with Iceland

At their summit on 17 June, EU leaders will recommend opening accession negotiations with Iceland, read draft Council conclusions obtained by EURACTIV.
Brexit 08-07-2009

Irish banks ‘ignoring’ EIB funds for SMEs

Two thirds of Irish bank staff admit to not being aware of European Investment Bank funding for small firms, despite a concerted push from Brussels to loosen the flow of liquidity to businesses across Europe.
Brexit 09-10-2007

EU to help entrepreneurs start up and start up again

While efforts to make it easier for Europeans to set up their own company are starting to pay off, a majority of EU citizens continue to hold back for fear of going bust. The Commission is now proposing taking action to reduce the stigma attached to business failure and encourage non-fraudulent bankrupts to make a fresh start.

Risks, cost, time: What keeps Europeans from setting up business

In a series of high-level talks, the Commission and the Council discuss how to get the EU out of the doldrums concerning starting new businesses.
Future EU 14-11-2003

Expert group calls for reform of insolvency laws and social attitudes to bankruptcy

A recent report on bankruptcy in Europe assesses how insolvency laws impact on the survival of businesses.