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Euro & Finance 21-06-2016

For citizens’ sake, play it safe with securitisation

The European Commission’s desire to boost securitisation is ringing alarm bells among academics and civil society groups. Christophe Nijdam explains why.

EU needs strong enforcement of money-laundering laws

The eurogroup’s insistence that Cyprus’ anti-money laundering framework is assessed by a private firm violates EU law, argues Andreas Frank.
Central Europe 23-11-2012

Banking: A rough ride for Central, Eastern Europe

Western banks rushed into Central and Eastern Europe, bringing much-needed capital and expertise. But the 2008 financial crisis and the eurozone troubles have shown that the credit boom was unsustainable, if not reckless, argues S. Adam Cardais.
Euro & Finance 03-02-2012

How to rebuild trust in the banks

Restoring trust in banking depends on policymakers to establish a stable and sustainable new regulatory framework and by bankers themselves to address flawed past governance and management practices, writes Simon Lewis, CEO of the London-based association for financial markets in Europe (AFME).
Euro & Finance 07-10-2010

Why the EU’s bank rescue strategy is turning into a political and economic catastrophe

Irish leader Brian Cowen's blanket guarantee for the country's banks was ''one of the most catastrophic political decisions taken in post-war Europe'' due to the lack of a wider EU strategy to tackle the sector's problems, writes Wolfgang Münchau of Eurointelligence, who is also an associate editor at the Financial Times.
Euro & Finance 08-07-2010

Europe’s banks, Europe’s crisis

European policymakers have no one to blame but themselves for the current depression in financial markets, argues Daniel Gros, director of the Centre for European Policy Studies.
Euro & Finance 25-07-2008

A talent shortage for European banks

Some large European financial institutions will have difficulty filling positions crucial to the execution of their evolving strategies within the next five years, according to research published in the McKinsey Quarterly in July.