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  • Bank of Spain threatens to evict Catalonia from the eurozone

    News | Euro & Finance 23-09-2015

    The governor of the Spanish central bank has weighed in on the question of Catalan independence, threatening the region with expulsion from the eurozone if it declares independence. La Tribune reports.

  • Regulators start Greek bank tests, aim for speedy capital boost

    News | Euro & Finance 10-08-2015

    Greece's battered banks will undergo accelerated tests to uncover their capital shortfalls as authorities race to recapitalise the lenders by the end of the year and avoid penalising large depositors.

  • Ten tips for a successful Capital Markets Union

     Infographic | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 22-07-2015

    The European Union plan for a Capital Markets Union can help unlock the latent potential in financial markets. The banking industry is ready to support this proposal.

  • Bankers want Juncker Plan cleared of state aid rules

    News | Euro & Finance 14-04-2015

    European Union rules banning state aid to businesses should not apply to guarantees issued to boost investment under the three-year EU investment scheme, some of the key contributors to the plan said yesterday (13 April).

  • EU lawmaker seeks to dilute bank trading reform

    News | Euro & Finance 07-01-2015

    Draft European Union rules forcing banks to isolate their risky trading activities should be eased to take national measures into account and avoid harming markets, an EU document written by a senior lawmaker has proposed.

  • Publishing banks’ taxes and turnover will help the economy, says PwC

    News | Euro & Finance 02-10-2014

    EXCLUSIVE: Forcing banks in the EU to publish their turnover and taxes will help the economy, according to research for the European Commission that will strengthen the case for public disclosure of the information from next year.

  • Banks as tax collectors? EBF-FBF Tax conference reviews FTT, CRS

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 01-10-2014

    The 2014 international tax conference of the European Banking Federation, held on Monday in Paris, has reviewed Sunday’s endorsement by G20 Finance Ministers of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) that the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) proposed as a model for a global Automatic Exchange of Information.
    The conference was an opportunity for the EBF to express its concerns about the CRS: its lack of proportionality, the crucial need for consistency across jurisdictions and for full EU-OECD alignment, the need for a proper examination of all legal and constitutional implications, notably in the field of data protection, and the need for the immediate creation of a review process. The CRS model will require financial institutions to automatically exchange detailed account information with tax authorities in their country.
    In addition the conference discussed the impact of a possible tax on financial transactions, known as FTT. This tax threatens to introduce regulatory and tax uncertainty in the 11 EU Member States that are currently considering it and risks damaging economic growth in Europe as whole.

  • Commission urged to fire auditors PwC from bank transparency study

    News | Euro & Finance 02-07-2014

    Development aid organisations today (2 July) called on the European Commission to oust auditors PwC from an impact study on country reporting for EU banks, saying the company has lobbied against the legislation and therefore has a conflict of interest.

  • EBF urges EU to preserve universal banking model

     Video | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 25-04-2014

    In this EURACTIV video statement, Guido Ravoet, Chief Executive of the European Banking Federation, outlines the federation’s view on the plans for structural reform that the European Commission has proposed at the beginning of this year and urges the EU to preserve the universal banking model. You can learn more about the EBF position on structural reform by visiting http://bit.ly/EBF-structuralreform.

  • Commission proposes new rules to stop banks’ risky trading

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 29-01-2014

    The European Commission proposed on Wednesday new rules to stop the biggest and most complex banks from engaging in the risky activity of proprietary trading.

  • Barnier warns US of tit-for-tat action on banks

    News | Euro & Finance 18-10-2013

    The European Union's financial services chief warned of tit-for-tat action if the United States pushes ahead with plans to impose extra capital requirements on foreign banks.

  • Banking sector cuts 5,500 branches across the EU

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 12-08-2013

    Banks cut 5,500 branches across the European Union last year, 2.5% of the total, leaving the region with 20,000 fewer outlets than it had when the financial industry was plunged into crisis in 2008.