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  • Mr Obama goes to Warsaw, then Brussels

    Europe's East 02-06-2014

    Before arriving in Brussels for the G7 meeting this Wednesday (4 June), US President Barack Obama will visit Warsaw on Tuesday. Poland and its neighbours are looking for concrete assurances that NATO will protect it from Russia, writes Judy Dempsey.

  • Protecting Privacy in a Big Data World

    Digital 08-05-2014

    Big data raises big questions. What does it mean for the relationship between citizens and governments, customers and businesses, workers and employers? As governments worldwide ponder how to deal with privacy in a 'big data age', John Podesta recommends to the US president Barack Obama that the protections of the 1974 Privacy Act should be extended to non-US citizens as well.

  • Barroso and Van Rompuy shun climate action, embrace Obama’s shale gas

    Energy 28-03-2014

    At their EU-US summit, European leaders warmly welcomed American gas. Under the guise of promoting energy security, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are rooting for shale gas, a fossil fuel with comparable climate impacts to coal, writes Brook Riley.

  • Don’t let the momentum on global warming go cold

    Sustainable Development 25-03-2014

    Within the course of five days, Brussels will play host to Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. As the international community looks to keep global warming under 2°C, these leaders must insist on the same, writes Natalia Alonso.

  • The thin US-European relationship

    Global Europe 26-09-2013

    There is talk of the trans-Atlantic relationship. It is not gone, nor even frayed. Europeans come to the United States and Americans go to Europe and both take pleasure in the other. But the connection is thin, writes George Friedman.

  • Syria’s military intervention: A comedy in three acts

    Global Europe 04-09-2013

    US President Barack Obama was forced to walk a tightrope over Syria after he was drawn into calling for a military intervention after France, Britain and Turkey called for action. Now he has to deal with being a reluctant coalition leader, writes George Friedman.

  • EU-US trade deal needs rules of engagement

    Global Europe 20-02-2013

    The prospects for a successful negotiation of a transatlantic trade and investment agreement would be greatly improved if the two sides could agree on some rules of engagement, creating a real momentum and sense of purpose, writes Philip Whyte.

  • US Election: Gridlock and foreign policy

    Global Europe 07-11-2012

    The United States held elections, and nothing changed. Barack Obama remains president. The Democrats remain in control of the Senate with a non-filibuster-proof majority. And the Republicans remain in control of the House of Representatives, writes George Friedman.

  • EU, US trade agreement is a top priority

    Special Report | Trade & Society 08-10-2012

    A transatlantic trade agreement can give new hope for growth and a more positive agenda in the devastating eurocrisis, writes Raymond Gradus.

  • The Death of Bin Laden: A European perspective

    Global Europe 06-05-2011

    The killing of an unarmed Osama Bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan violated America's democratic and legal principles as well as religious values, argues legal expert Andreas Geiger.

  • The American world turned upside down

    Global Europe 21-04-2011

    Despite Anglo-French activism in Libya, the European Union's divisions on interventionism mean that the bloc is no substitute for the United States' continued engagement with the world, argues author and expert on international relations Dominique Moïsi.

  • Israel-Palestine: Peace this time?

    Global Europe 30-08-2010

    The news that Israeli-Palestinian talks are to resume should not lead to over-expectations as to their outcome, warns Shlomo Avineri, director-general of Israel's Foreign Ministry under Yitzhak Rabin's first cabinet and professor of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • History at the forefront of current US foreign policy

    Science & Policymaking 03-05-2010

    "Recognition of the Armenian genocide by the full Congress and [US] President [Barack] Obama's administration would pave the way for Turkey's eventual acknowledgement of these events," writes Harout Harry Semerdjian, a foreign policy expert based in Washington, D.C. and currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford, in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.

  • Obama’s first year: A Transformational Presidency?

    Global Europe 16-04-2010

    "2010 will be decisive in terms of whether Obama keeps his promise of change," writes Marcin Zaborowski, senior research fellow at the Centre for International Studies, in an April paper.