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Politics 16-03-2020

Belgium struggles to bridge differences amid coronavirus crisis

In Belgium, the coronavirus pandemic has lead to a small political breakthrough on Sunday (15 March), as the main political parties agreed to grant the current caretaker government under Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes special powers for the next six months...
EU Elections 2019 27-05-2019

Belgium’s ‘Black Sunday’ sees far-right surge, threatens new government crisis

Extreme-right Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang gained big in Belgium’s triple elections on Sunday (26 May), complicating efforts to form the next federal government as French-speaking Walloons voted for radically opposite parties on the left of the political spectrum.
Elections 10-12-2018

Belgian PM relaunches government as minority after ally quits

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel relaunched his government on Sunday (9 December) as a minority administration after the biggest party in his coalition quit in a dispute over signing the UN migration compact.
EU Elections 2014 19-06-2014

Liberals embarrassed as N-VA joins ECR, making it third largest Parliament group

The European Liberals last night (18 June) suffered an embarrassing setback after the N-VA, Belgium's Flemish Separatist Party, voted to join the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parliament.
Bert De Wever
EU Elections 2014 13-06-2014

Bart De Wever will struggle to form a Belgian government

King Philippe of Belgium has given the Flemish separatist, Bart De Wever, more time to set up a federal government. Local coalitions are well under way, but common ground at a federal level will be difficult to find. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 15-10-2012

Flemish separatists make big gains in Belgian local elections

A founding EU member, Belgium is struggling to maintain political unity as a separatist party scored major victories in municipal elections yesterday (14 October) and its leader is set to become mayor of the second city, raising the pressure on a fragmented national government.
Elections 07-01-2011

Belgium political crisis hits new low

A Belgian government mediator, tasked with building consensus between the country's different linguistic groups, stepped down yesterday (6 January), the Royal Palace said, increasing the chances of a new election.
Elections 05-10-2010

Belgium coalition talks back to square one

The political crisis in Belgium hit a new low yesterday (4 October) when Flemish separatist party N-VA announced "the end of the story" after 114 days of negotiations on state reform that were expected to pave the way for a new government to take office.
Languages & Culture 30-08-2010

Belgian coalition talks collapse, king asks for renewed effort

The Belgian politician leading talks to form a new government tendered his resignation yesterday (29 August), but the king insisted that he stay on to avert a political crisis just two months after parliamentary elections.