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Economy & Jobs 30-12-2021

2022: Fiscal showdown in uncertain economic circumstances

The EU's economic policy agenda for the coming year is packed with negotiations on the bloc's fiscal rules, tax policies, minimum wages, and financial regulations. Here is a comprehensive look at what is coming up.
Ecofin Roundtable
Banking union 10-11-2021

Basel III: Member states see national financial stability at risk

Member states with a significant presence of foreign banks fear that the EU Commission’s proposal to implement the Basel III agreement sacrifices their national financial stability to integrate the EU’s banking sector.
Valdis Dombrovskis and Mairead McGuinness
Economy & Jobs 27-10-2021

Commission wants more capital buffers for EU banks – in about a decade

Through a newly proposed banking package the EU commission is trying to find a balance between increasing financial stability, protecting bank profits and sustainability concerns.
Economy & Jobs 20-10-2021

Hedge fund billionaire calls for higher capital requirements for fossil fuel financing

Days before the Commission is expected to publish its proposal to change capital requirements rules, billionaire hedge fund manager Chris Hohn called for a stricter treatment of fossil fuel investments in banks’ balance sheets. His call is supported by activists and experts who fear the effects of climate change on financial stability
Economic governance 28-09-2021

ECB-Lagarde reacts to MEPs’ inflation fears

European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde told EU lawmakers on Monday that the recent uptick in inflation was likely to be a temporary phenomenon.
Economy & Jobs 10-04-2020

Dombrovskis: ‘I could imagine containment costs covered by ESM loans’

Following the Eurogroup’s agreement on the economic response to the coronavirus, European Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis on Friday (10 April) welcomed the €540 billion package in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.com
Banking union 19-12-2019

So you think the banking crisis is over? Sorry to spoil your Christmas!

The stock market is flashing ever-stronger orange about the health of Europe’s banks. Yet the regulatory community tells us good news about its capital strength – despite unsustainably low profitability. Fingers crossed for a muddle through!
Economy & Jobs 12-11-2019

European banks face massive capital raising in challenging times

Europe will “faithfully” implement new international standards that will force its banks, struggling to regain investor trust, to raise around €135 billion in additional capital to face future crises, the European Commission said on Tuesday (12 November).
Economy & Jobs 29-06-2017

Basel III reform ‘unlikely’ by G20 meeting

EU and industry officials say it is “unlikely” that Europe and the US will agree on new rules to strengthen the banking sector by the time of the G20 meeting in Hamburg on 7-8 July.
Economy & Jobs 06-03-2017

Deutsche Bank sets sights on €8bn in capital hike

German banking powerhouse Deutsche Bank wants to beef up its capital reserves by selling off millions of new shares, as well as overhauling its business structure, in the wake of massive losses and international sanctions. EURACTIV’s partner Milano Finanza reports.
Euro & Finance 07-11-2016

European Parliament to side with banks and reject new Basel banking rules

The European Parliament is expected on Thursday (10 November) to announce that it does not intend to accept new international standards that would require banks to have greater capital reserves. EURACTIV’s partner Milano Finanza reports.

Euro & Finance 25-07-2014

EU executive proposes 9-month delay to bank buffer plan

European Union rules forcing banks to hold a buffer of cash and top quality debt to withstand market shocks will be delayed by nine months, the bloc's executive body has proposed.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2013

EU hails ‘breakthrough’ deal to cap bankers’ bonuses

Bankers in Europe face a cap on bonuses as early as next year, following agreement in Brussels early Thursday (28 February) to introduce what would be the world's strictest pay curbs, in a move politicians hope will address public anger at financial-sector greed.
Euro & Finance 15-02-2013

EU, US agree to fast-track bank rules, bonus cap

The European Union and the United States agreed on Thursday (14 February) to implement the new global Basel III capital adequacy rules for banks as soon as possible, EU financial services chief Michel Barnier said after a meeting in Washington.
Brexit 15-05-2012

UK faces isolation or climb-down on bank rules

British Chancellor George Osborne is set for a showdown or climb-down with his EU counterparts today (15 May) as finance ministers meeting in Brussels seek to push through capital requirements proposals against opposition from the UK and Bulgaria.
Euro & Finance 28-03-2012

MEPs opt for tougher rules on bankers’ bonuses

Bankers' bonuses should be capped at twice their basic pay and "golden hellos" handed back if performance disappoints, European parliamentarians said yesterday (27 March).
Euro & Finance 07-09-2011

Bad Timing for CRD 4

The immediate implementation by the European Union of the Basel Committee's recommendations for international financial regulation would put significant strain on Europe's banks and aggravate the current climate of economic insecurity, argues Marie-France Baud of Confrontations Europe, a think-tank.
Euro & Finance 20-07-2011

EU’s banks face stringent capital rules

The EU will today (20 July) unveil new rules requiring banks to have three times as much capital on their balance sheets. Banks are eyeing the new rules with caution, while some governments warn that the requirements may be too tough. 
Euro & Finance 12-07-2011

Brussels to propose curbs on sovereign debt ratings

Michel Barnier, the EU's internal market commissioner, has announced draft EU laws aimed at bringing more transparency to how credit rating agencies assess sovereign debt, days after Moody's downgraded Portugal, which is benefiting from an EU/IMF bailout.
Euro & Finance 30-09-2010

Banking sector still vulnerable, says ECB

The European Union's banking sector remains vulnerable and is recovering from the financial crisis in a slow and uneven fashion, the European Central Bank (ECB) said yesterday (29 September).
Euro & Finance 25-06-2010

G20: Pressure mounts to dilute bank capital plan

Global regulators will dilute a reform that forces banks to hold more reserves to survive shocks without massive taxpayer help again, sources familiar with the negotiations said on Friday.