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Central Europe 10-03-2014

Romania’s enemy within

Romania’s economy is doing well, but political in-fighting could discourage investors, writes Adrian Maniutiu. 
Europe's East 02-12-2013

Commission regrets B?sescu’s ‘bigger Romania’ statements

The next big project for Romania after its EU accession should be the unification with Moldova, the Romanian president has said, raising eyebrows in EU circles and providing an opportunity to his political rival and prime minister, Victor Ponta, of accusing him destabilising the small Eastern European country by siding with the pro-Russian communists in Chisinau.
Central Europe 29-08-2013

Romania wants EU compensation for abandoned Nabucco project

Romanian President Traian B?sescu has asked for compensation from the EU for the abandoned Nabucco pipeline project which had been planned to carry Azeri gas to Austria through Romanian territory.

Romanian president approves hand-picked prosecutors

Romania's president appointed six chief prosecutors and deputies yesterday (15 May) who had been hand-picked by the prime minister, defying the European Union, which had called for a transparent application process.
Future EU 04-04-2013

Romanian PM defies Brussels to handpick prosecutors

Romania's prime minister handpicked six new chief and deputy prosecutors yesterday (3 March), defying EU calls for more transparency in a country where concerns about respect for the rule of law are growing.
Central Europe 17-12-2012

Barroso steps forward as Romanian election arbiter

José Manuel Barroso’s congratulatory message following the recent parliamentary election in Romania carries two important messages: it tells President Traian B?sescu that he should re-appoint Victor Ponta as prime minister, and warns Ponta he should work with B?sescu instead of reviving efforts to impeach him.
Central Europe 10-12-2012

Romanian leftist alliance wins absolute majority

Exit polls showed Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's USL social-liberal alliance won a clear victory in the parliamentary election yesterday (9 December), strengthening his position in a power struggle with the country's rightist president.
Elections 07-12-2012

Ponta’s USL alliance set to win Romanian election

Romanians are voting on Sunday (9 December) to elect a new Parliament with polls give the USL alliance of incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta a comfortable lead. But his political rival, President Traian B?sescu, could refuse to appoint him to lead the next cabinet.
Central Europe 16-11-2012

Romania threatens to veto EU’s long-term budget

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has threatened to veto the EU's 2014-2020 budget, calling the planned cuts in regional policy and agriculture “unacceptable” for his country.
Elections 01-10-2012

Ponta: I’m still in disagreement with B?sescu

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta says he is still in conflict with President Traian B?sescu. The statement appears to augur for a new controversy over who will represent Romania at the 23-24 November EU summit.

Romania’s Ponta ‘praised’ in meeting with Barroso

Embattled Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said European Commission President José Manuel Barroso did not reproach him during a meeting yesterday (17 September), and praised him for sticking to commitments to overcome the political crisis in his country.
Central Europe 28-08-2012

Romanian president cleared to return to office

  Romania's parliament ended a dramatic session yesterday (27 August) by accepting a Constitutional Court ruling to return the country's embattled president to office. With the publication of the decision in the country’s official journal, Traian B?sescu can now return to office after a 52-day suspension.
Central Europe 13-08-2012

Opposition MEP fears ‘civil war’ in Romania

A prominent Romanian opposition MEP warned yesterday (12 August) of a looming ‘civil war’ in Romania as the conflict between the leftist ruling coalition and the centre-right president reached new heights, prompting fresh reactions from the European Union EURACTIV Romania contributed to this article.

Romanian opposition urges boycott of impeachment referendum

Romania's opposition urged its supporters today (24 July) not to vote in Sunday's referendum on whether to impeach suspended President Traian B?sescu, in an effort to keep turnout below 50% and invalidate the results.

Romania’s Ponta takes legal action against opponents

The governing leftist coalition of Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has taken additional steps to further tighten its grip on power, despite warnings from the European Commission that the ongoing political infighting cannot justify overriding democratic principles.

Romania’s B?sescu attempts counter-attack

Romania's suspended President Traian B?sescu said yesterday (15 July) the government's drive to force him from office was an attempt to shield some of its lawmakers from corruption investigations.
Central Europe 06-07-2012

EU concern over Romanian power struggle

Attempts by Romania’s new prime minister, Victor Ponta, to impeach the country’s president Traian B?sescu – under way at an extraordinary meeting in the Bucharest parliament this afternoon – are rattling the Commission amidst concerns over democracy.
Central Europe 25-06-2012

Romania leaves options open for shale gas development

  Romania’s Senate has overwhelming rejected a motion to ban shale gas exploration and exploitation by hydraulic fracturing, marking an about-face for Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s Social Democrat party (PSD) that introduced the draft law in March.
Elections 14-06-2012

Romanian leaders fight over EU summit seat, Episode II

With the 28-29 June EU summit approaching, recently elected Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta opened a new chapter in his conflict with President Traian B?sescu over who should represent the country at the EU leaders' table. EURACTIV Romania contributed to this article.
Future EU 02-03-2012

Backdoor deals give Serbia EU candidate status

Serbia clinched its coveted status of EU candidate country at a summit in Brussels last night (1 March), after Bucharest dropped its opposition following an agreement on a roadmap that should see Romania enter theSchengen passport-free area in September.
Central Europe 06-02-2012

Romanian government resigns following protests

The Romanian government of Prime Minister Emil Boc resigned today (6 February), following more than 20 days of protests over austerity measures and the economic downturn in the EU newcomer. 
Central Europe 26-01-2012

European Socialists call for early elections in Romania

As protests against Romania's centre-right government and president continued for a second week, the Party of European Socialists called for a transitional government to be given the pivotal task of ensuring free and fair elections.
Global Europe 03-05-2011

Romania hosts US missile shield, discloses details

Romanian President Traian Basescu announced today (3 May) the precise location of missile interceptors forming part of a planned US missile shield over Europe. He also announced that an airbase and the country's main sea port would be at the disposal of US troops.

Schengen confusion under Hungarian stewardship

The accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the border-free Schengen space has been postponed, a Hungarian minister announced yesterday (6 January). After a nervous reaction from Bucharest, the statement was soon denied by the Hungarian authorities, who hold the EU's rotating presidency. EURACTIV's network reports.