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BASF starts building its own offshore wind farms

The world’s largest chemicals company, Germany's BASF, has forged partnerships with energy groups Vattenfall and RWE to build its own offshore wind farms in a bid to secure sufficient amounts of renewable energy for its chemical plants in Northern Europe. 
Agrifood 11-02-2021

German lawmakers call for ending exports of banned pesticides

Pesticides that are currently banned in Europe may still be exported to foreign countries, an issue which highlights the EU's lack of coherence, according to the leftist Die Linke and the Greens. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 23-08-2019

French mayors ban glyphosate weedkiller, defying government

Some 20 French mayors have banned glyphosate from their municipalities, defying the government, which is now taking legal action to impose national legislation which allows the controversial weedkiller's continued use for now.
Energy 04-12-2015

EU leaders to clash over Nord Stream 2 at summit

EXCLUSIVE / The issue of Nord Stream 2 will be discussed at the 17-18 December EU summit, but the exchange is unlikely to go very far because the countries opposing the project use legal arguments which are not widely accepted, analysts told EURACTIV.
A new reality show in Thailand aims at boosting yields and product quality among smallholders. [Farm Channel Thailand]
Development Policy 09-10-2014

German aid criticised for funding Thai TV show on ‘safe pesticide use’

In a new reality show featuring farmers in Thailand, BASF, the world's largest chemicals corporation, is collecting German development funds to advertise for artificial pesticide use, causing NGOs to question government cooperation with big business in development aid campaigns. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 13-12-2013

EU court annuls GM potato approval, dealing blow to Commission

Europe's second-highest court on Friday (13 December) overturned a decision by the European Commission to allow the cultivation and sale of a genetically modified potato developed by German chemicals group BASF.
Agrifood 17-07-2013

EU targets another insecticide linked to decline in bee population

The European Union added a pesticide made by German chemical firm BASF to its blacklist of substances suspected of playing a role in declining bee populations.
Agrifood 03-02-2012

Danes seek compromise on GM crops

Biotech companies should agree not to market genetically modified (GM) crops in member states wishing to ban their cultivation before seeking EU approval for their products, a draft Danish proposal shows.
Agrifood 25-01-2012

Disgruntled GMO firms start pulling out of EU market

Monsanto has announced it will scrap plans to sell an insect-resistant maize in France, the second move in a week by biotech company to retreat from the genetically modified foods market in Europe.
Energy 21-03-2011

Germany’s Wintershall to join South Stream

Germany's Wintershall, a unit of the world's largest chemical company BASF, is set to join Russia's South Stream pipeline that will carry gas under the Black Sea to Europe, a source close to energy giant Gazprom announced on Friday (18 March).
Agrifood 03-03-2010

Commission gives green light to genetically-modified potato

In a controversial move, the European Commission yesterday (2 March) gave the green light for the first genetically-modified potato to be cultivated in the European Union.