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Central Europe 27-04-2017

Syrian refugee in Romania: ISIS banned chemistry and biology

In recent years, the Syrian community in Romania grew due to the ongoing civil war. They say they like Romania. They have their school there. But still, the refugees wish to eventually return home, they told EURACTIV.ro.
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Global Europe 29-08-2013

European Commission on UK’s decision to delay strike against Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron was forced yesterday (28 August) to push back his plans for an imminent military strike against Syria in a humiliating climb-down for Britain's leader after coming under fierce domestic and international pressure. Just a day after recalling Britain's parliament to vote on how to respond to Syria's suspected use of chemical weapons, Cameron was ambushed when the opposition Labour party said it wanted greater parliamentary scrutiny and rebel lawmakers in his own ruling Conservative party said they would oppose him.
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Global Europe 15-03-2013

Syria arms embargo dominates Friday EU summit talks

A concerted push by France and Britain to lift the EU’s arms embargo on Syria to help rebels fight the regime of Bashar al-Assad dominated the second day of an EU summit in Brussels today (15 March). Discussions focused on the bloc's complicated relations with Russia, which opposes the resumption of weapons deliveries, saying it would be illegal.