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Economy & Jobs 16-10-2019

EU Research & Innovation: Are we investing smartly?

Innovation is linked to other EU policies, such as competitiveness, environment, industry and energy.
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Economy & Jobs 30-09-2014

Moedas: Cutting red tape on research projects is key

In his confirmation hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, Portuguese Commissioner-designate for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas pledged to strengthen the “framework conditions” for research and innovation at European level in order to “develop the full potential of European science and innovation”.
EU Priorities 2020 30-09-2014

Moedas makes impassioned plea for Europe, science and research

Carlos Moedas, the Portuguese Commissioner-designate for Research, Science and Innovation, sailed through his confirmation hearing in the European Parliament today (30 September), sweeping aside criticism that he helped implement one of the toughest austerity programmes during the eurozone crisis.

EU ‘biobank’ first to benefit from VAT exemption

A pan-European biobanking initiative looks set to become the first research consortium to benefit from VAT-free status under a new regulation agreed by EU leaders in May.

Politics kept out of European Research Council

At the official launch of the European Research Council in Berlin, politicians have welcomed the announcement that EU-funded research will finally be based on excellence and independent decisions by scientists, without interference from politics.

Get going on R&D spending, experts tell EU

The EU is not spending enough on basic research and developing new technologies, experts at a Brussels conference said, backed by recent Eurostat data.

Asia catching up with Europe on research output

Thanks to economic growth and increasing research funding the Asian nations, led by China, are catching up with Europe and the US in terms of the number of science publications produced.

EP: Doubling the EU research budget “a strict minimum”

A European Parliament report on the future of European research says that the member states should regard the doubling of the funding for Community R&D "as a minimum not be questioned during the negotiations on the financial perspectives". 
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2005

French researchers: more protests ahead?

The French government has unveiled its legislative plans to reform French research - a response to the extraordinary year (2004) of demonstration and mobilisation of the country's scientific community.

Council gives its view on the future of European research

The Council has widely debated the shape of the 7th Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7). It urges the Commission to set out its vision in early 2005.
Future EU 16-01-2004

Commission: Wake-up call for basic research in Europe

The Commission has published a Communication on the situation of basic research in the EU, calling upon governments to boost investment in this key area in order to keep up with the US.