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Brexit 19-04-2016

Clean air and beaches listed among UK’s EU membership gains

Britain's environmental policies on air and water pollution and biodiversity benefit from the country's membership of the European Union, a committee of British lawmakers said in a report on Tuesday (18 April).
Climate change 20-05-2015

Europe’s bathing waters safe for summer, monitoring shows

Europeans can safely go for a swim at a beach this summer. According to the European Environment Agency (EEA) 95% of monitored bathing sites in the EU lived up to minimum standards for water quality in 2014.
Climate change 21-05-2013

Struggling Cyprus has some of Europe’s cleanest bathing spots

Financially strapped Cyprus should be able to lure tourist revenue with it pristine bathing waters, which along with Luxembourg are ranked as some of the EU's cleanest in an environmental report published today (21 May).