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Recycling key to future of battery manufacturing, say CEO and EU bank vice president

Following the financing of a new French innovation centre manufacturing electric vehicle batteries, EURACTIV France spoke about the opportunities and challenges for the sector with Ambroise Fayolle, vice president of the European Investment Bank (EIB), and Benoît Lemaignan, the centre's CEO.
Batteries 02-11-2022

Will Europe’s new battery regulation give it pole position?

The EU's upcoming battery regulation aims to position the bloc as a major player in the global battery value chain. Despite positives, there are still some areas to resolve before the legislation becomes law, write Abhishek Gupta, Maya Ben Dror, and Tilmann Vahle.
Economy 30-09-2022

France and Germany outline priorities for upcoming EU Raw Materials Act

Germany and France have outlined their priorities for the EU's upcoming Critical Raw Materials Act in a position paper that aims at boosting the resilience of supply chains and decreasing Europe's dependence on foreign suppliers like China. 
Circular economy 05-04-2022

Raw materials: why Europe needs to ramp up its battery game

Europe can play a special role in setting standards that have a global impact and prevent batteries from being discarded prematurely, writes Claudius Jehle.

EU ministers reach broad consensus on batteries regulation

EU environment ministers adopted on Thursday (17 March) a general approach for the EU batteries regulation, centred on France's compromise proposal, which had drawn all-around praise for being "balanced" and "ambitious". The Council and the Parliament will now negotiate to agree on the final draft.
Batteries 04-11-2021

Industry anxious about mandatory recycling targets in EU battery law

Requiring companies to use recycled metals in new electric vehicle batteries is necessary to prevent manufacturers from opting for cheaper, freshly mined virgin materials, the EU says. Still, the automotive sector, battery makers and the mining industry are all anxious about the upcoming EU battery regulation.
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Batteries 29-10-2021

Sustainable sourcing of battery raw materials

EV batteries are critical to achieving the EU´s climate change targets. Europe has therefore set itself the ambitious goal of establishing - within a very short time frame - a complete and competitive electric vehicle battery value chain.
Batteries 26-10-2021

Simona Bonafè MEP: Recovery of raw materials is cornerstone of EU battery law

The European Commission has proposed new standards which would make batteries produced and sold in Europe the greenest in the world. MEP Simona Bonafè spoke to EURACTIV about the EU's battery regulation and the future of battery production in Europe.
Batteries 21-10-2021

Brussels defends EU battery law against charges from car industry

The European Commission has brushed off industry criticism that the upcoming EU battery regulation could raise the cost of electric vehicles, arguing that prices will fall thanks to increased manufacturing capacity ushered in by EU policies.
Electric vehicles 19-05-2021

Mining is wreaking havoc – better recovery of battery metals will help

The EU’s proposed new standards for sustainable batteries are an opportunity to move away from destructive mining. The right policy measures can make the system more circular and avoid the mistakes of the past, write Benjamin Hitchcock Auciello and Alex Keynes.
Batteries 24-03-2021

Recycling firms urge EU to raise used battery collection goal

Leading companies in the waste management sector have called on EU lawmakers to revise a draft regulation on sustainable batteries to increase the target for used battery collection and to make it mandatory for battery producers to use recycled content in their production cycles.