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Global Europe 10-11-2016

Trump victory could rob German far-right of US bogeyman

The Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) hailed Donald Trump’s election victory at first, but the new president could rob the far-right party of one of its main bogeymen that it uses to drum up support: the United States itself. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

Elections 15-03-2016

Germany’s AfD now stresses financial credentials and TTIP opposition

TTIP, taxes, monetary policy: After the three state elections, the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) is trying to get serious on financial issues. However, business leaders see their election success as a threat to Germany's reputation. EURACTIV Germany reports.

AfD links to Austrian far-right ‘final straw’ for ECR MEPs

Alternative für Deutschland’s links to the far-right Freedom Party of Austria was the final straw for members of the EU Parliament’s European Conservatives and Reformists group, which yesterday (8 March) voted to kick out the German Eurosceptics .
Martin Schulz received 27.2% of the votes in Germany during European elections on 25 May, 2014. [Parti socialiste]
EU Elections 2014 25-05-2014

Germany’s centre-right wins election, Eurosceptics near 7%

Without the 3% electoral threshold, 12 German parties could move into the European Parliament after Sunday’s (25 May) elections. Compared to the previous European elections in 2009, voter participation in Germany has increased by more than 4%. EURACTIV Germany reports.
"Switzerland is for referenda. So are we." The Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) could win up to 7% in the European elections on 25 May. [Patrick Timmann]
EU Elections 2014 25-05-2014

German AfD candidate: ‘The EU is upside down’

A new decision-making structure, less EU level competences, and Latin as the official language in Brussels are just some improvements Beatrix von Storch says would help turn the EU right-side up.