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Agrifood 01-02-2019

Poland admits exporting suspect beef to ten EU countries

The European Commission will send a team of inspectors to Poland on Monday after a TV report showed sick cows being butchered for food in a Polish slaughterhouse.
Agrifood 28-03-2018

Survey: Major retailers and producers in Germany back binding meat label

A number of major retailers and meat producers see the idea of a legally binding label on meat in positive light, according to a Greenpeace survey published on 27 March. 
Health 12-05-2016

Parliament once again demands the Commission introduces origin labelling

The European Commission should come up with legislative proposals for mandatory country origin labelling of certain foods, such as milk, dairy and meat products, MEPs said in another resolution on the matter on Thursday (12 May).
Agrifood 12-02-2015

Paris gets behind Parliament resolution on meat labels

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling on the Commission to introduce mandatory labeling of the origin of all meats used in ready-prepared meals. Paris has expressed its strong support for the resolution. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 04-03-2013

EU begins month of intensive DNA tests for horsemeat

The EU has begun one month of extensive DNA testing on food products, after companies found horsemeat in numerous beef dishes.
Health 14-11-2002

Commission withdraws beef fines against France

On 13 November 2002, the Commission decided to withdraw its application to the Court of Justice for a fine against France, following the analysis of the French transposition law allowing for imports of British beef.
Health 03-10-2002

France lifts ban of British beef

France decided on 2 October to lift its ban on British beef, a ban imposed six years ago over fears of the deadly 'mad cow disease'.
Health 19-07-2002

France risks heavy fines for ban of British beef

The Commission has asked the European Court of Justice to fine France for every day the ban on UK beef remains in place. This is the second time France is taken to court for refusing to import beef from the UK.
Health 22-02-2002

EU to ease tests on American “guaranteed hormone-free” beef

The Standing Veterinary Committee has given a favourable opinion to a European Commission proposal to ease tests on imports of US hormone-free beef, as tests found no suspect products since 1999.
Health 20-12-2001

Will France lift ban on British beef?

French agriculture minister Jean Glavany indicated that France is not sure whether it will lift its ban on British beef, despite the ruling of the European Court of Justice. He cited a report of the EU's Food and Veterinary Office that casts doubts on the efficiency of BSE testing in the UK, and said his government's decision would be solely based on the principal of precaution.
Health 14-12-2001

Court of Justice condemns French ban on British beef

The European Court of Justice ruled that France's refusal to lift the ban on direct imports of British beef is unlawful. The Court nevertheless acknowledged that "certain difficulties in applying Community decisions were the result of unclear legislation" and stressed the importance of a reliable tracing system.

Further lift of foot-and-mouth restrictions on pigmeat and beef in the UK

The Standing Veterinary Committee voted on Wednesday 24 October in favour of a European Commission proposal extending the area from where Britain is allowed to export fresh pigmeat and beef. The extension concerns all the counties that have had no outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease or have remained free of the disease for more than three months.
Agrifood 20-09-2001

French ban on direct import of British beef judged illegal

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has ruled that the French ban on direct imports of British beef, due to BSE, is illegal. However, the preliminary opinion delivered on 20 September 2001 did not judge the ban on indirect imports of British beef to be contrary to the law.
Agrifood 18-07-2000

Farm ministers agree on beef labelling

EU agriculture ministers agreed on the proposed legislation for a system of labelling beef.
Agrifood 19-04-2000

Reactions to beef labeeling decision

On Monday, Agriculture ministers decided to approve the EU-wide compulsory labelling system for beef and beef products.