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Alcohol 10-07-2017

Greek court hands Heineken record fine for market abuse

A Greek court has imposed a €26.7m fine on Heineken subsidiary Athenian Brewery for abusing its dominant position in the Greek beer market over more than two decades.
Health 31-05-2017

Beer-loving Czechs stub out cigarettes as pubs go smoke-free

Pubs in the Czech capital Prague filled up on Tuesday night (30 May) and some held special events as smokers lit up for the last time before a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants took effect.
Alcohol 05-05-2017

Lithuania’s new alcohol package raises eyebrows in industry

The Lithuanian government has unveiled new policy measures aimed at tackling alcohol-related harm, including increasing the legal age for buying and consuming alcoholic drinks.
Competition 17-11-2015

Greek beer market investigation exposes EU competition weaknesses

A ten-year long competition investigation into the Greek beer market has raised questions over the European Commission’s ability to enforce fair competition in the EU member states. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Announcement of food labelling
Health 01-04-2015

Commission applauds beer industry’s move on labelling

SPECIAL REPORT / Beer drinkers across Europe will soon be able to find out the detailed calorie and nutrition content of their drinks after four of the world's biggest brewers announced last week that they will make the information available.
Health 06-12-2012

Belgian lawmakers bitter over French beer tax

Belgian senators have urged the EU to take action on France’s proposed beer tax hike claiming that it infringes European competition rules. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Agrifood 03-07-2009

Dutch, Italian brewers win ‘Bavaria’ beer ruling

Europe's highest court on Thursday (2 July) upheld the right of Dutch and Italian brewers to sell their 'Bavaria' beer in Italy, despite the German name 'Bayrisch Bier' being protected under EU trade mark law.
Competition 19-04-2007

Brussels downs Dutch beer cartel

Brewers Heineken, Grolsh and Bavaria were fined an unprecedented €273.8 million after the Commission's anti-trust department uncovered evidence of price-fixing, with top management using code names to arrange secret hotel and restaurant meetings.
Competition 09-02-2007

Court confirms abatement of Belgian beer cartel

A €42 million fine imposed on Danone for illegal price-fixing on the beer market in Belgium during the 1990s is entirely justified, the European Court of Justice ruled on 8 February 2006, confirming the Commission's new, tougher guidelines for fixing anti-trust fines.

European brewers under cartel investigation

The cartel unit of the European Commission is conducting a serious investigation into price-fixing by national brewers.

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